“Overnight Closure of Trans-Canada Highway 1 East of Revelstoke” – Plan Your Route Now!

Trans-Canada Highway 1 to close east of Revelstoke overnight

“Massive Avalanche Control Closure Set for Trans-Canada Highway 1 This Weekend”

This Friday night (Jan. 19), the Trans-Canada Highway 1 will experience a temporary closure from Highway 23 N to 14 St. N, east of Revelstoke to west of Golden. The closure is necessary for avalanche control work and will begin at 11 p.m. PST, lasting until 9 a.m. PST on Saturday morning. This means that the road from Revelstoke to Golden will be inaccessible during these hours, so it’s important for drivers to plan their routes accordingly.

A Necessary Precaution

The closure may cause inconvenience for those traveling along this route, but it’s important to remember that avalanche control is a crucial safety measure. By conducting this work, authorities are taking proactive steps to prevent potential dangers and ensure the well-being of all travelers. It’s a reminder of the unpredictable and sometimes hazardous nature of the winter season in mountainous regions.

Stay Informed and Prepared

DriveBC has promised to keep the public updated on the closure, with a scheduled update at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday (Jan. 20). In the meantime, drivers should remain vigilant and heed any instructions from traffic control personnel in the area.

Considering the Alternatives

While the closure may disrupt travel plans, it’s important to remember that safety should always be the top priority. Finding alternative routes or making adjustments to accommodate the closure may be necessary, and drivers are urged to plan ahead and stay informed.

In Conclusion

As frustrating as it may be to experience delays or road closures, it’s essential to recognize the importance of measures like avalanche control work. This temporary inconvenience is a small price to pay for the assurance of safety and the prevention of potential disasters. Ultimately, the welfare of travelers and the surrounding areas should always take precedence, even if it means facing some level of disruption. Let’s remember to stay informed, stay prepared, and most importantly, stay safe.



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