MIT chairman LAUGHS at questions about school’s anti-Semitism problem


Oh oh fabulous does MIT have an anti-Semitism problem no sure looks like it come on you know there’s a lot of academics here at the world economic Forum cooking up ideas some of them good some of them atrocious but there’s also a lot of University presidents here because University presidents are all about

Fundraising there’s a lot of money here but we bumped into mark gorenberg on the street he’s the chair of uh MIT one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in the world but also one with a terrible anti-Semitism problem here’s the president of MIT Sally cornbluth saying yeah people can call

For genocide against the Jews that’s not a problem unless they really get personal here’s the atrocious clip of her saying that in front of Congress at MIT does calling for the genocide of Jews violate mit’s code of conduct or rule rules regarding bullying and harassment yes or no if targeted at

Individuals not making public statements yes or no calling for the genocide of Jews does not constitute bullying and harassment I have not heard calling for the genocide for Jews on our campus but you’ve heard chance for in I’ve heard chance which can be anti-semitic depending on the context

When calling for the elimination of the Jewish people so those would not be according to the mit’s code of conduct or rules that would be um investigated of as harassment if pervasive and severe well she said that along with two other university presidents one from Harvard

One from Penn both of whom have resigned in disgrace but not Corin Bluth and I think part of the blame rests with the chairman of MIT Mark gorenberg who we bumped to on the streets I asked him a simple question about anti-Semitism at MIT he laughed it was almost a GAA he

Snorted at the question and then refused to answer and then he ran away into the nearest building it wasn’t a long interaction but it was quite telling he doesn’t think he has anything to answer for and he thinks the question is ridiculous take a look at this

Coward oh oh fabulous does MIT have an anti-Semitism problem no sure looks like it come on oh are you just waving it off again that’s not the right approach these days is it do you have a plagiarism problem why are you being so unresponsive don’t you think you need to

Clear the air a bit I mean your first response to me oh come on when I ask about anti-Semitism isn’t that what got you in this trouble in the first place is you’re being so dismissive of it would you say oh come on if I said you had a racism problem against black

People or homophobia problem against gay people why are you so dismissive about anti-Semitism seems like mit’s learned nothing from the last two months sorry thank you thank me for what you haven’t given me an answer don’t follow me yeah I don’t think that’s good enough I think laughing and scoffing about

Anti-semitism MIT won’t get the job done what do you think to see all our reports from the world economic Forum go to WF and unlike gorenberg we didn’t take a private jet here we had to crowdfund economy class airfare if you want to help us out please go to wfre

I’m here in Davos Switzerland for the annual meeting of the world economic Forum we’re citizen journalists so we ask prickly questions not softballs to see all of our work and to help crowdfund our trip here go to

| Ezra Levant asked about anti-Semitism at MIT, and Mark Gorenberg’s response was laughter, a dismissive snort, and a refusal to answer, followed by a hasty retreat into the nearest building.

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  1. I support many of the crimes you expose, but you are sounding like a propagandists when it comes to Israel > since when can't Israel be criticized? You're doing exactly what you cry is being to you; which makes you a hypocrite. If you're going to be a real journalists, then be consistent. It's NOT anti-semitism to expose what the bombing of innocent civilians, and millions of 'Jews For Peace' are also me being attacked for doing what is right! You have said one word about what is happening in Gaza. Exposing the bombing of babies is NOT supporting Hamas! Bye! Lost my support, I will unsubscribe.

  2. It’s staggering to see the extent of how many organisational heads are invited to the WEF. Staggering. All being indoctrinated into the WEF Agenda – and taking direction no doubt for the year ahead. An evil cult of the powerful.

  3. Academics….. charlatans impersonating academics…. Why…. because education standards are in toilet in the name of diversity, equity and imbeciles and lots and lots of money…. women most affected and men turned into weak simping clowns….

  4. How strange ,Wikipedia has not much info about his birth ,parents ,children, where he was born ,but put david niven as a search theres lots of details ,is this normal ,tried a few names and there is info but not this man , find it quite strange must be deliberate


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