Meet the WEF’s anti-journalists — regime media whose job is to rebut Rebel News


Are you the one that was talking about us the first day is that the one oh oh yes you guys had that very you guys had that very brave confrontation with the that woman who was asking you to move from a parking space it was it was courageous and and impressive okay

Stop interrupting okay that was very rude of you I mean that is the kind the kind of tough journalism that I know the world expects from you you were like we’re sticking it to them we won’t let them move us I thought it was a little lame honestly I’m sure you had other

More impressive confrontations with the globalist elite that just happened to be the video I saw when the Black Rock parking attendant was trying to politely ask you yourself okay what’s your name my name’s Julia hi Julia are you with black rock or are you with yeah what do

You do with black rock uh I’m not going to into don’t touch me don’t don’t touch me I think that’s kind of rude to assume she’s a parking attendant is that because she’s a woman I app you know that’s that’s a great Point that’s a great point I appreciate your standing

Up for her I’d stand up for women but I am late to meet someone no we’re having a good discussion I know and I write about media so I actually would love to talk another time but I am genuinely late but it’s a what’s your name sorry

Um AI you’re AI okay I would I would I’m genuinely not running away I would love to catch him another time you know you know what’s more Brave than what we did is talking about us without giving me a chance to respond you have a vast

Chance to respond do you have now I do because I caught up with you so so respond give me your response so so what what was it that you said that you thought it was cor it was it I thought it was a silly stunt pretend we were

Standing there talking and she came to us what should we what should we have done in that moment are you going inside just accepted black Rock’s orders do you admit that black rock is super powerful I of course but I’m not sure that but I think that you were trying to

Illustrate it in a silly stunty way but I think that was but she walked up to us what should I have done to hold our ground while trying to do a piece of camera she walked into our set and tri to move us on I just think those are

Probably the tough on camera decisions that professionals like you have to make that I that I wouldn’t I wouldn’t I wouldn’t try to but in head out I don’t know you make the decisions who’s more courageous the one that stands up to Black Rock or the one talks

About the one standing up to Black Rock without giving him a WR a reply e what do you think about the fact that that sem4 on the first day they they put their resources to I guess condemning us for what we were doing so they’re not doing journalism they’re doing anti-

Journalism so we’re reporting in our own way and by the way were limited because we’re not given access to the vvp so we do it here on the streets and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but it’s real journalism what semaphor which is funded by all the globalist deep pocket

Adventure capitalists is it’s anti- journalism so they see real journalism and on behalf of the regime they go to squelch it um you were mentioning to me that one of the investors was Sam bankman freed a notorious fraudster just convicted um one of the largest moneya laundering schemes in history

Towards the Democrat Party so if Sam bankman freed is an investor in semaphor you know everything you need to know it’s about the regime it’s corrupt and it is about the Democratic party so you cannot be a legitimate independent journalist if you’re working for the likes of democrat donors and power

Brokers you just can’t well that’s why we’re here WF we will talk we will stand up to Black Rock whether they like it or not they’re protecting they’re protecting their Investments I understand that but we’ll stand up to Black Rock and then we’ll also confront

Those who are trying to protect them WF reports. if you enjoyed that one of many of my interviews and interactions here on the streets of daros at the world economic Forum make sure to like comment but most importantly share it fire and wide because I’m betting I don’t know

Which one you just watched but I’m sure it’s one that won’t be run in the mainstream media so it’s up to you to get a far and WI and if you want to see all of our stories coming out we’ve got video after video after video from here

Head to wef and if you support our mission here on the ground please Chuck in a couple bucks to help us cover the cost it wasn’t cheap to be here to cover the the event but I think it’s been a grand worth it success WF

Avi Yemini of Rebel News confronts a Semafor reporter about his comments towards Rebel News at the WEF in Davos, Switzerland.

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  2. Silly stunt??? These actual independent true reporters have been, unlawfully arrested, ruffed up by government police, and are banded from WEF Conference on reporting what is truly going on. Now really who is being silly??????


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