Man accused of starting Nova Scotia’s largest-ever wildfire | 22 -year-old man charged


Last year was Canada’s worst Wildfire season on record and today we learned who is being accused of causing one of the largest here’s ctv’s CR aate the largest wildfire in Nova scotia’s history officials say has been caused by a single person we charged an individual a male individual from

Shelburn County the barington lake fire started in May of last year and grew to more than 23,000 hectares forcing more than 6,000 to flee destroy close to 50 homes and another 150 structures it was pretty devastating for the area we have never experienced anything like that 22-year-old Dalton Clark Stewart of

Village Dale Nova Scotia is facing three charges including lighting a fire on private land without permission failing to take efforts to prevent the spread and leaving a fire unattended This legal expert says it’s important to note the charges are not criminal the panel is possibly I think 6 months or 50,000 so

It’s much more of what we call a regulatory or what also called quasi criminal offense the 10 Talent fire that destroyed 151 homes started just days after the barington lake fire Nova Scotia RCMP concluded its investigation due to lack of evidence but the province says theirs is still

Ongoing the forest act does does allow us up to two years uh to lay a charge in Quebec 38-year-old Brian parlay admitted to starting several fires in the areas of CHA in Shamu in Northern Quebec last Spring Police say as the fires burn par allegedly falsely claimed online the

Government started the fires to convince the public that climate change was real researchers say the majority of fires in Quebec last summer were caused naturally par is in custody following a check on his mental state while St in Nova Scotia will make his first court appearance in March CHR NK CTV News hellofax

A 22-year-old man from Nova Scotia has been charged in connection with the largest wildfire in the province’s history.

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