James Cree Nation mass stabbing | Psychologist testifies at inquest


We are getting a look into the mind of one of Canada’s worst mass Killers a criminal psychologist testifying at the inquest of the 2022 mass stabbing on the James Smith crenation in the village of Welden said the suspect had many traits of a psychopath the wife of the suspect

Also talking about life with mil Sanderson and the problems she saw long before the killings happened Stacey Hine has that story Vanessa Burns says she’s learning more about her former spouse miles Sanderson the man responsible for Canada’s worst mass stabbing I too am getting some answers too especially from today with Matt

Logan gave me a really deeper understanding to miles at an inquest into the stabbings criminal psychologist Matt Logan says Sanderson showed many signs of psychopathy he says Sanderson may have had fetal alcohol syndrome ADHD and an intermittent explosive disorder often having unpredictable outbursts being impulsive and showing lack of

Empathy and remorse he says in his early childhood Sanderson often endured childhood trauma abuse and neglect it hurt like to hear about his childhood made me feel a little sad little sorry for him he didn’t have a chance as a child the inquest heard how Burns was physically and emotionally

Abused by Sanderson for years and in the days leading up to the massacre he violently attacked her Logan believes this altercation was a trigger for the tragedy on September 4th 2022 Sanderson killing 11 people and injuring 17 others on the James Smith creation and in Welden that day Burns and her sister

Deborah lost their father veteran Earl burn senior who died trying to catch the killer I was somewhat angry right right wondering why why help didn’t get to him sooner but talking to the actual police officer that attended the scene and seeing his facial expression and hearing

His voice and seeing that he’s a human being as well and that he’s affected by this too Deborah says hearing the evidence has given her some answers seeing firsthand and hearing firsthand how quickly things were unfolding they couldn’t have acted you know acted any quicker on their part like it was

Chaotic the inquest heard s Anderson may have planned the mass stabbings wanting to get revenge on members of a local gang and those who get in his way the inquest will resume here at the Carrie vicer Center Monday morning Stacy Hine CTV News melord

A criminal psychologist is taking a coroner’s inquest through the mind of Myles Sanderson, the man responsible for the mass stabbings on the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon.

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