Global National: Jan. 19, 2024 | Health data shows influenza, COVID-19 cases decreasing in Canada


On this Friday night fighting the flu cases of influenza and co9 in Canada are now dropping we’re at a year from prepandemic levels but Health officials warn of a spike in deadly strep a infections not guilty hey it feel good to be free a retrial clears an Ontario mother

Of murdering her severely disabled daughter more midair scares oh my God it’s on Fire Two aircraft emergencies in the US forcing one to land on a highway plus The Art of War it’s much more deeper than art the poignant pieces on display at a Canadian High commission global national with far an

Asser reporting tonight Jeff simple good evening and thank you for joining us if you or someone in your family is feeling sick right now you’re not alone but new num members from the public health agency of Canada suggest we may have turned a corner on this year’s cold and

Flu season Katherine ward has the details in our top story tonight so we had RSV we had c um we had hand foot and mouth and then over Christmas we got covid keeping two young kids healthy has not been easy for Kate Hobson since September there’s always been somebody

That’s been sick with the exception I think of about two weeks new data from the public health agency of Canada actually shows infection rates are starting to improve nationally rates of covid-19 and influenza are declining and there are lower than expected rates of RSV for this time of year from the point

Of view of influenza and RSV that we’re at a year from prepandemic levels we’re not seeing the uh very high very early levels of disease that we saw last year but Dr Don Shepard notes he is seeing some Regional differences for covid-19 infections right now in Ontario and

Quebec we have relatively high levels of disease transmission whereas many of the other provinces are experiencing fairly low levels but the good news is that all of it that’s floating around up there is not translating into huge levels of hospitalizations huge spikes of hospitalizations emergency room physician Dr Steve flindell is feeling

Some of that relief fortunately we’re not seeing that the absolute Crush of people coming in every day that we were over the last month or so flindell says he does worry about viral transmission in crowded waiting rooms we still have a mandate for masks in our emergency

Department and it’s still a challenge to get people to wear their masks because you can’t isolate everybody with infectious symptoms doctors say it’s a good reminder to make sure you’ve got updated shots for added protection even if you do become ill and have to come in

Your chance of being admitted to the ICU or dying from it are infantes smaller than somebody has been up to date Katherine Ward Global News Toronto despite those encouraging signs concerns are growing about a spike in strep a cases BC Health officials say at least four children with the disease

Have died since mid December Ontario’s public health agency recently reported 48 people have died since October including six young children the number of annual strep a infections across Canada recently reached a record high with more than 4,600 cases in 2023 a Toronto mother accused of murdering her severely disabled daughter

Has been cleared on all charges Cindy Ali was previously sentenced to life in prison for the death of her 16-year-old and what the crown described as a mercy killing Ally spent more than a decade fighting to clear her name Katherine McDonald has covered this case from the

Start and reports on today’s ruling and emotional reaction for the first time in 13 years Cindy Ali can breathe a sigh of relief after being found not guilty of murdering her severely disabled daughter sonara after to today today it’s going to be our time as a family to start

Healing and and and grieving but not forgetting sinara cuz she’s still here with me it has been a long road to Justice it’s been really tough It’s really this has been a really rough road for us in February 2011 Cindy called 911 and said two armed massed men had burst

Into the family’s town home looking for a package when they left Cindy said she found her daughter 16-year-old sonara who suffered from paly in the living room without Vital Signs 2 days later sonara died months later Cindy was charged with manslaughter before the charges were eventually upgraded to

Murder what the crown is alleging is that the death of sonar Ali was a planned and deliberate act and we’re alleging that act was perpetrated by Cindy Ali in 2016 a jury found Cindy guilty of first-degree murder and she served four years in prison before the court of appeal overturned the

Conviction and she was released on bail the court of appeal also ordered a new Tri trial and Friday she was found not guilty on all charges I’ve learned that uh that uh police uh can uh rush to judgment as they did in this case and and that people get charged with crimes

They didn’t commit at the second trial the crown argued Cindy killed sonara to end her pain the judge rejected that theory it was a brand new Theory um it didn’t please me at all to suddenly allege a mercy killing family and supporters say the verdict means justice

Has finally been served hey it feel good to be free Cindy’s lawyer James Locker who founded an organization called innocence Canada to defend the wrongly convicted says he and his client have yet to discuss whether she will be seeking compensation Jeff Katherine McDonald in Toronto thanks Katherine the French

President’s plans to boost his country’s birth rate are sparking outrage critics call it a push for control over women’s bodies but the problem of an aging population is not unique to France Nations around the world face similar challenges and Tera isri reports on the concerns and consequences of Canada’s

Plummeting birth rate France seemed to be an outlier in Europe it had some of the highest birth rates in the EU now they’ve hit their lowest point since the end of the second world war French president Emanuel maon is pledging to overhaul parental leave to encourage people to have more

Children maon says France will only be quote stronger if it revives birth rates last year that number hit 1.68 in Canada it’s even lower 1.44 the fertility rate would need to hit 2.1 to achieve what’s known as replacement level but it’s been steadily declining the total fertility rate has

Fallen to an all-time low in Canada the only thing keeping Canada’s population from shrinking is immigration which has reached record highs immigration certainly helps if you’re talking about an aging population but if our birth rate continues this downward trajectory our population will be aging at an accelerated Pace Canadians who have

Children are finding it increasingly expensive to raise them this new mom from Toronto goes back to work Monday after a year on maternity leave I would say it was only enough because my spouse also works so if we didn’t have his income in addition it would be very

Tough especially with you know inflation going up get the donkey this Nova Scotia woman doesn’t know when she can go back to work if there’s one thing that is adding majorly to parents stress and exhaustion and mental load right now it is the child care crisis the Liberals

Rolled out $10 a day child care but there still aren’t enough spaces Adrien Buckland put her son on a waight list before he was born a year later they’re still waiting the housing crisis may also be deterring Canadians from having children experts on demographics say many people want to

Wait until they own a home before starting a family but if that’s Out Of Reach having children may feel like one more luxury they can’t afford teria isri Global News Ottawa after consumer backlash Canada’s largest grer has reversed its plan to end 50% % discounts on nearly expired Foods in an emailed

Statement to Global News lbla confirms that customers can expect to see those 50% off stickers returning in the next few weeks the company said earlier this week that it would be moving towards 30% discounts to align with what its competitors were offering well after a chilly start to

2024 Canadians are turning up the heat and we now learning how many homeowners are taking advantage of ottawa’s oil to heat pump program it’s no surprise the province’s most dependent on heating oil account for most of those applying for the Federal grant but as Heidi petrac reports some Advocates say Ottawa needs

To provide better options for Canadians looking to cash in technicians like Alex Lavoy are busy with heat pumps these days we’ve been flat out uh probably one of the biggest challenges is is keeping up with with customer demand many on the East Coast rely on furnace oil for Home Heating and

Many are also taking up ottawa’s offer of up to $10,000 upfront to switch to heat pumps that number upped to $115,000 last fall for provinces partnering with the federal government the point is really to make a meaningful reduction in people’s energy costs which means we need to spend enough in each home so

People can get completely off of oil out of the more than 12 and a half thousand applications received so far more than 11,000 alone are from Atlantic Canada and about 6,700 are from Prince Edward Island almost 850 applications are from Ontario and Quebec the fewest from the

Prairies with a mere 11 combined BC has 327 the heat pump grants are available to people living in all provinces but only those in newf land Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are getting the grant increase because those provinces are the only ones with Partnerships to

Deliver it I live in a Frozen house cuz I can barely pay for the gas while this edmontonian may be on board most Prairie residents where natural gas is the norm have turned a cold shoulder to the idea of switching to heat pumps you still have a very challenging environment

Because you have to overcome uh the cheap gas and our relatively expensive electricity prices and while it’s still early days in the 4-year program it seems ottawa’s budget will be blown recently set at $750 million Canada’s parliament ment budget officer estimates it could actually cost 797 million it

Really needs to be available for everyone regardless of the heating Source they use but whether Canadians switch or not there is no choice to face the cost of staying warm Heidi pic Global News Halifax construction on a new electric vehicle battery plant in Quebec shut down today at least temporarily the

Multi-billion dollar project was announced last last fall touting plans to produce some of the greenest batteries in the world but environmental groups are fighting the project the site is located about 25 kilometers east of Montreal and as Mike Armstrong explains the work which had barely begun is now on

Hold this site is now at a standstill Crews had been cutting down trees they’re now waiting to see when or if they’ll start up again instead it’s lawyers at the Montreal Courthouse who’ve been busy right now the work is suspended so we’re relieved about that Mark bishai represents an environmental group

Fighting the north volt project it says it would mean destroying Wetlands on the site and while the north volt project has been approved by the province it says another project for the same site was denied over environmental concerns so far from the few documents that we do

Have it does seem like a double standard the north Vault project was announced with great Fanfare last fall $7 billion Investments tend to attract politicians from every level welcome to North EST Ino Sweden northal is a Swedish company that produces lithium ion batteries the Quebec plant is slated

To open in 2026 and create about 3,000 jobs to Lure North Vault The Province and the federal government put up 2.7 billion for the construction now the land actually housed a fact Factory in the past Cil produced paint for decades and even explosives during the second world war

But critics say the site is now home to endangered turtles and that rules were changed to allow the project it was greenlit without provincial environmental hearings we just want the mechanism that are basically in our laws and and the way that we should work be respected by the

Government now Friday’s hearing was for opponents to request a court injunction halting work on the site the company asked to delay the proceedings until Tuesday but stopped anyway in a statement to Global News North folt says it’s suspended work out of respect for the judicial process the two sides will

Be back in court next week Mike Armstrong Global News Montreal a Ukrainian drone attack sparked a large fire at an oil Depot in Russia around 6,000 cubic meters of oil were set Ablaze during the strike on a city City near the Russian Ukrainian border no one was injured just yesterday

There was a similar drone strike at another oil facility in St Petersburg when a roadway becomes a Runway coming up the startling scene near America’s capital plus major layoffs at Sports Illustrated oh my God it’s on fire a frightening sight in the sky over Florida last night as flames were seen

Shooting out of a plane shortly after it took off from Miami’s International Airport the Boeing 747 cargo plane made an emergency landing no injuries were reported the US Federal Aviation Administration and Atlas Air the company that owns the aircraft now say that a full investigation is underway and near Washington DC another

Miraculous Landing this Cessna was forced to land on a snowy Virginia Highway shortly after takeoff today the plane visibly damaged after colliding with Highway guard rails during the emergency landing incredibly all seven people on board reportedly walked away without injury the cause of that crash is also being investigated the publisher of Sports

Illustrated says it’s planning to lay off a significant portion if not all of the Outlet’s Union represented staff the publisher says the owner authentic Brands group revoked its marketing license after it failed to make a quarterly payment of nearly $4 million it’s been a difficult few months for Sports Illustrated it was recently

Accused of trying to pass off AI generated content as though it had been produced by humans sticking the landing still ahead Japan’s Precision mission on the lunar surface the first US spacecraft to attempt a moon landing in five decades soared hundreds of thousands of kilometers through space before meeting

A fiery end that’s astrobotics paragen lunarlander firing its thrusters on its way to re-entry before burning up an Earth’s atmosphere over the South Pacific Ocean the privately built spacecraft developed under a contract with NASA was designed to settle on the moon shortly after launching into orbit on January the eth but the Lander

Suffered a fuel leak forcing its operators to scrap the entire Mission Japan had better luck becoming the fifth country to land a spacecraft on the moon the unmanned slim Lander is believed to have made one of the most precise moon landings ever as Jackson prco reports Japan believes the technology will be a

Powerful tool in future interplanetary exploration after a landing sequence dubbed 20 minutes of Terror Japan’s space agency announced mission accomplished we believe that the soft learning itself was successful has been activated only a handful of countries have ever managed to land on the moon Japan is now one of them and

This was no ordinary touchdown the smart Lander for investigating moon or slim had been nicknamed the moon sniper because it’s designed to land on target with more Precision than any other robotic spacecraft remember there’s no GPS on the moon after a journey of more than 1.3 million kilm Slim’s Target Landing Zone

Was only 100 m wide about the length of a football field the private American paragr Lander which abandoned its mission after a fuel leak had planned to land anywhere within a range of several kilometers you can see the stars and stries the first man moon mission Apollo 11 missed its Target by

Over 6 kilm if you can reliably land exactly where you want you can then better fine-tune and specialize payloads and missions to take advantage of what to believe to be the unique properties of wherever it is you want to go it’s a big step for future space Miss that

Might look to tap into precious resources on the moon or elsewhere and Japan has successfully landed probes on Tiny asteroids twice with the same goal in mind back on the moon there is a problem with slim solar panels they aren’t generating power backup batteries are working for now and the mission managed

To successfully deploy two small Rovers one that hops and one that rolls the goal is to send back pictures of the probe to verify if it’s stuck its incredible Landing despite the slim odds Jackson prco Global News Washington from armor to Art up next how Ukraine’s remnants of War are being

Transformed for a good cause as we approach the twoyear mark of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine protective gear worn by Ukrainian soldiers is getting a second life riddled with bullets and shrapnel artists have transformed the body armor into art to tell the story of the war Crystal Gans Singh takes us inside the

Display at the Canadian High Commission in London bathed in light adorned with color every piece linked to the life of a Ukrainian Soldier a life saved by an armored plate when you’re looking at this it’s it’s so much more than than art than absolutely this is it transcends art it’s much more deeper

Than art but to feel that uh emotional connection you probably have to have the experience of feeling the war firstand battling against a fullscale Russian invasion for nearly 2 years what has left its mark on every aspect of life in UK Ukraine families torn apart homes destroyed lives and

Bodies forever changed all what we do it’s a contribution of of the defense of Ukraine yuk says his favorite pieces are from Ukrainian children their work like the rest reflects their culture their personalities and the realities of War art armor was launched in 2022 originally with works by famous local

Artists as a fundraiser for the Ukrainian armed forces the terrifying marks of those bullets and shrapnel as you can see very visibly on all of these plates tell the story of the ongoing war in Ukraine better than any words possibly could some of the pieces will eventually be auctioned off

With proceeds going towards more protective gear Rehabilitation efforts and Dem mining projects Canada house in London is the last stop of the exhibition’s European tour but it’s not the end organizers are looking for artists anywhere in the world with an eye for creating Beauty from brutality Crystal ganing Global News

London and that is global national for this Friday night I’m Jeff simple tonight’s your Canada is this icy Shoreline on Ontario thanks for watching hope to see you back here again tomorrow have a great Night

In tonight’s top story: Data from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) shows influenza and COVID-19 cases are decreasing across the country. As health reporter Katherine Ward explains, the numbers are encouraging — but doctors say it’s important not to let your guard down.

In Toronto, a mother accused of murdering her severely disabled daughter, has been cleared on all charges. Cindy Ali was previously sentenced to life in prison for the death of the 16-year-old, in what the Crown described as a “mercy killing.” Ali spent more than a decade fighting to clear her name. Catherine McDonald has covered this case from the start and reported on Friday’s ruling and the emotional reaction it elicited.

Over in France, President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to boost the country’s birth rate is sparking outrage. Critics are calling it a push for the control of women’s bodies, but the issue of an aging population is not unique to France. Nations across the globe are facing similar challenges. Touria Izri reports on the concerns and consequences of Canada’s plummeting birth rate.

After a chilly start to 2024, Canada is learning how many homeowners are taking advantage of Ottawa’s recent “oil-to-heat-pump” program. And it’s no surprise the provinces most dependent on heating oil account for most of those applying for the federal grant. But as Heidi Petracek reports, some advocates say Ottawa needs to provide better options for Canadians looking to cash in.

Also, construction on a new electric vehicle battery plant in Quebec shut down temporarily on Friday. The multibillion-dollar project was announced back in the fall, touting plans to produce some of “the greenest batteries in the world.” However, environmental groups are fighting the project located approximately 25 kilometers east of Montreal. As Mike Armstrong explains, the work — which had barely begun — is now on hold.

Plus, Japan became the fifth country to land a spacecraft on the moon on Friday. The unmanned Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) lander is believed to have made one of the most precise moon landings in history. And as Jackson Proskow reports, Japan believes the technology will be a powerful tool in future interplanetary exploration.

And finally, as the two-year mark of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine approaches, protective gear worn by Ukrainian soldiers is getting a second life. Riddled with bullets and shrapnel, artists have transformed used body armor into art — to tell the story of war. Crystal Goomansingh takes us inside the display at the Canadian High Commission in London.

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  1. They forgot to mention good luck getting home insurance in the prairie provinces with heat pumps as your heating source. You still have to have a backup heating source to get insurance because heat pumps can not keep up in extreme cold conditions.

  2. another pos bleeding heart judge lets another crime go unpunished citing reasonable doubt. talk about bringing the criminal justice system into disrepute.shameful .
    the severely disabled should be on edge and wary of mercy killings.
    this will set dangerous precedence. even the law won't protect the disabled anymore.

    same crap happening all over Canada.

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    Births per woman:
    Niger 2021 6.8
    Somalia 2021 6.3
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    Afghanistan 2021 4.6
    . . . . . .
    Palestine 2020 3.57

    I guess housing and daycare must be pretty cheap there …

  4. Has all the immigrants and asylum seekers..coming in to Canada ..
    Been screened for any infectious viruses …
    I bet you your bottom dollar they are not…
    Maybe that's why there is a spike in these
    viral infections… just a thought…

  5. Canadians should not be "turning up the heat" because of cold temperatures but may be "using more heat". We don't, (or at least shouldn't), turn the heat from 20 – 24 C inside just because the temp goes from -15 – -35 C outside. Who are these reporters/hosts that don't know the difference?

  6. It’s funny how the authorities would believe that a woman staged the death of her disabled daughter, but if you suggest that Netanyahu staged “the event” in order to have an excuse to flatten Gaza, you are called a “consp theorist”.

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