Faulty elevators leaving central Edmonton apartment residents stranded – Edmonton: Click for more!

Broken elevators strand central Edmonton apartment residents - Edmonton

“Residents of a central Edmonton apartment building are facing multiple challenges after the elevators broke down earlier this week. For some, the inconvenience turned into a matter of mobility as they became trapped in their own homes.

Stranded in the Towers

Residents of the 15-storey Capilano Tower apartment building in the area of 62nd Street and 101st Avenue Northwest reported a loss of heat and hot water on Tuesday. While these essentials were eventually restored, the elevators remained out of service, leaving some residents with mobility issues stranded in their units. Lois Hark, a resident, expressed the difficulties she and her husband faced due to the elevator outage. Others, like Brooklyn McGrath, who lives on the 14th floor, highlighted the exhaustion of having to walk up numerous flights of stairs on a daily basis.

Repeated Frustrations

Brooklyn shared her concerns, mentioning that this wasn’t the first time the elevators had broken down. Two years ago, one of the elevator systems was out of commission for several months due to lack of the necessary parts for repair. This has caused frustration among residents, as the mobility and safety of some individuals, especially senior citizens, are at stake.

No Clear Timeline

Residents received a notice from the property management company regarding the broken-down elevators, but no information was provided on when the elevators would be back in service. The property management company, Hazelview Properties, explained that a pipe rupture during the recent extreme cold weather caused a flood in the boiler room, and also affected the elevator cables. They assured residents that the process to restore the elevators has already begun and that they aim to have one elevator restored by Friday. They have also provided porter services to assist residents with mobility challenges.

Hope for a Solution

While the situation has caused significant inconvenience and frustration for residents, the property management company emphasized their commitment to open and transparent communication and encouraged residents to reach out with any concerns.


The plight of residents in the Capilano Tower apartment building highlights the challenges faced by individuals with mobility issues when essential services, such as elevators, are out of order. The repeated breakdown of elevators in the building calls attention to the need for better maintenance and ensures that residents, especially vulnerable individuals, are not left stranded due to malfunctioning infrastructure. As property management companies and residents work together to address the issue, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of all residents, ensuring that such incidents do not recur in the future.”



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