Cindy Ali re-trial | Toronto mother acquitted of daughter’s murder


Cindy Ali was convicted in the death of her daughter eight years ago on appeal she was granted a new trial CTV John Muslim is in front of the courthouse and brings us the details John well Nathan a very emotional scene inside that fourth floor courtroom today when the judge handed down her decision

The body of the Court erupted in cheers one person could be saying heard saying amen uh Ali hugged her lawyer her supporters were wiping away tears now just a short time ago we’ll show you some video here Cindy Ali left the courtroom at 361 to some Applause from

Her supporters she is now a free woman acquitted of all charges in retrial now as we mentioned she was convicted back in 2016 of killing her daughter sonara who suffered from cerebral paly and epilepsy now she had told the police at the first trial that two men had broken

Into the house Mass men looking for a package and one of those those Intruders had smothered her daughter now that the offense said that story was unbelievable and they wanted a charge of first-degree murder but the defense in this uh the case said there was no real evidence to

Disprove that theory now the judge also said in her reasoning today that she cannot speculate or guess without any evidence to uh disprove that theory and she said somewhere I’m not sure where the truth lies in this case but be the crown did not prove of guilt Beyond A

Reasonable Doubt in this case we spoke to Ali after the ruling outside the courthouse and her lawyer here’s what they had to say for me you don’t judge somebody you know just because you hear something about them you know what I mean don’t don’t just take it for

Granted that hey yeah maybe you know it you know got to be careful but not Forgetting Sara cuz she’s still here with me she will always be with me snow in the air that’s her way of saying hey we did it mom say it’s a light I’ve

Learned that uh that uh police uh can uh rush to judgment as they did in this case uh uh I’ve learned I can continue to learn that uh you know prosecutors sometimes uh follow the lead of the police when they shouldn’t uh and and that people get charged with crimes they didn’t

Commit now Ali has been through a long long legal Journey today she was also asked about her daughter and uh the fact that she has never really had a chance to grieve her daughter’s death she says she is always in her mind she is thinking about her today referencing the

Snow falling outside the courtroom uh she told the reporters assemble that that was Sara talking to her now she is going home to spend time with some family and friends uh we’ll have much more on this story tonight on CTV News at 5: and 6 reporting live I’m John mus

I’ll send it back to you

Emotions were high as a judge acquitted Cindy Ali of murder in the retrial into the death of her 16-year-old disabled daughter.

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