UFC 297: Sean Strickland’s confrontation with Canadian reporter over LGBT comments makes headlines

UFC’s Sean Strickland clashes with Canadian reporter over LGBT remarks ahead of UFC 297

“In a fiery and controversial exchange that quickly went viral, UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland clashed with a Canadian reporter at the UFC 297 media event over past comments about the LGBT community.

The exchange began when reporter Alexander K Lee of MMAfighting.com asked Strickland about a remark he had made regarding having a gay son. But before Lee could finish his question, Strickland cut him off. In December 2021, Strickland had posted a controversial tweet expressing his thoughts on the topic.

Instead of addressing his past comment, Strickland abruptly turned the tables on Lee, questioning the reporter about his own sexual orientation and expressing his own controversial views. This sparked a heated, back-and-forth conversation filled with strong language and contentious statements from Strickland.

Strickland’s rant was greeted with mixed reactions, with many online viewers sympathizing with Strickland’s candor and others criticizing his comments as offensive and inappropriate.

The controversy comes at a crucial time for Strickland, who is preparing to defend his title at UFC 297 against South African Dricus Du Plessis. The event is set to take place at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, marking the UFC’s first show in Toronto in several years.

The heated confrontation raises questions about the responsibilities of public figures, the role of the media, and the boundaries of free speech. It also highlights some of the sensitive and divisive issues that continue to be a hot topic on social media and in public discourse.”



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