State Street CEO tells Ezra firm would not be pulling back from ESG


Can I ask you a little bit about uh State Street and ESG are you pulling back from it the same way black rock is no what about critics like Elon Musk who say it’s a kind of Reverse Racism elon’s got his opinion what about shareholders who say

You’re putting other goals ahead of your fiduciary duties we have one Focus which is shareholder value you just told me though you’re sticking with ESG what were your goals here at the world economic form that’s not a tough question I’m just curious what your goals are well why won’t you answer That you don’t have enough credentials to go up there apparently

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Ezra Levant presses State Street CEO Ron O’Hanley about his investment firm’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, something that is becoming a controversial issue, as influential individuals like Elon Musk along with 15 U.S. states deeply opposing ESG.
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  1. ESG: isn't this the credit line company who's is demanding "put a chick in it, make her gay and make it lame" and reverse racism if large companies want a loan they have to comply with ESG demands?
    Black rock said "yeah, this is making us lose money, we're gonna stop doing the LGBTQAI+++ and reverse racism."


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