Poilievre slams Montreal and Quebec City mayors as ‘incompetent’ in scathing remarks

Montreal and Quebec City mayors are 'incompetent': Poilievre

“Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has sparked controversy with his recent comments about the mayors of Quebec’s largest cities, accusing them of incompetence and stalling construction projects. In a social media post, Poilievre criticized the mayors for what he sees as a significant decline in construction activity in Quebec, despite substantial federal funding for the cities of Montreal and Quebec City. He also referenced a statement from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. analyst Francis Cortellino, highlighting a historic low in housing construction in the province. Poilievre used the opportunity to reiterate his proposal to tie federal funding for municipalities to their housing construction efforts.

Mayors of the two cities, Bruno Marchand and Valérie Plante, swiftly responded to Poilievre’s comments. Marchand accused the Conservative leader of engaging in petty politics, while Plante pointed out that cities in Quebec are not able to receive federal housing funding directly due to provincial legislation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also weighed in, criticizing Poilievre’s statement as condescending and demonstrating a lack of understanding of federal-provincial relations.

Cortellino’s report highlighted a seven percent decrease in housing construction across Canadian population centres, with a significant drop in single-family housing starts. These developments have reignited the debate on federal funding for housing construction and the responsibilities of municipal and provincial governments.

The latest controversy has sparked a wider discussion on the complexities of municipal funding and the impact of federal policies on local construction projects in Quebec. It also raises questions about the challenges facing elected officials in addressing the housing crisis and the need for a collaborative approach to finding solutions. As the debate continues, there is an opportunity for policymakers to engage in meaningful dialogue and work towards effective strategies to address the housing needs of Canadians.”



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