Pakistan claims it is protecting national security after launching airstrike in Iran


Cell phone video from Iran shows some of the damage in syan and baluchistan Province State media reports nine people including four children were killed in strikes along the border with Pakistan none were Iranian this morning’s action was taken in light of credible intelligence of impending large-scale terrorist activities against Pakistan

National Security was the justification but earlier in the week Pakistan born there would be consequences for Iran striking inside its territory on Tuesday Iran hit targets which it said were related to an ethnic Balo Sunni Muslim militant group military activity in the Middle East has spiked there were the

Irani and Pakistani strikes Iran hit Targets in Iraq and Syria citing National Security Israel’s war on Hamas and Gaza hasbalah in Lebanon striking Targets in Israel and support of Palestinians and who the militant bases in Yemen targeted by the US and the UK and backed by other countries like

Canada with the goal of protecting vessels in the Red Sea Israel’s president quickly noted the actions of Iran and those it funds Hamas Hezbollah and the hthis spending billions of dollars in arms and money and people’s well-being to derail the entire stability of the world and the region

China Jordan and turkey are all calling for Iran and Pakistan to show restraint we as turkey recommend that the problem should not escalate further tensions in the Middle East will be back before the UN Security Council in an open debate next week Crystal Ganson Global News London

In the Middle East, Pakistan has launched airstrikes in Iran, claiming it targeted Pakistani militants who were being harboured there. At least nine people were killed. Pakistan claims it’s protecting its national security.

On Tuesday, Iran fired a missile into Pakistan, claiming it, too, was targeting militants.

Global’s Crystal Goomansingh reports on the increasing tension and efforts to restore order in an unstable region.

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