Ottawa Hospital’s NEW sex change surgery clinic raises concerns among parents

Parents concerned as Ottawa Hospital opens sex change surgery clinic

“Canada’s First Comprehensive Gender-Affirming Clinic Opens”

The Ottawa Hospital has made a significant announcement that has stirred quite a debate – the opening of a clinic for sex change surgeries. The clinic will offer all three types of sex change procedures, making it the most comprehensive gender-affirming center in all of Ontario. Led by the Ottawa-based surgeon Dr. Nicholas Cormier, who is well-trained and passionate about performing gender-affirming procedures, the clinic is a trailblazer in its field. Under the Canada Health Act, provinces are required to finance all procedures that are deemed “medically necessary,” and these procedures fall under this category.

The Concerns of Parents

Amid this news, there is growing concern among parents about the close proximity of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario to the Ottawa Hospital. They fear that children seeking treatment for sex change surgeries from CHEO will be referred to the new gender-affirming clinic. Shannon B Douglas, a parental rights activist, has expressed this concern, stating that not enough medical examinations are conducted at CHEO to determine if a child should pursue sex change treatments. Children are automatically prescribed cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers in many cases without the proper evaluations. Additionally, schools are being criticized for referring their students to gender clinics, further disrupting family relationships.

Complications with Referrals and Parents’ Consent

CHEO has been called out for its role in referring patients to the Ottawa Hospital clinic. According to the Ottawa Hospital, CHEO provided assistance in opening the gender-affirming clinic and will be referring patients to it. A closer look at CHEO’s website also raises concerns, as people can be referred to the clinic by school guidance counselors and teachers without mentioning the need for parental consent. There is even a section on CHEO’s referral form about family information, which asks if the patient’s parents are supportive of gender-affirming treatment, with a note that indicates youth do not want their parents to know about their visits to the gender clinic.


Although the opening of the new clinic is hailed as a groundbreaking step, the concerns raised by parents and the growing debate over ethical implications in making referrals to the new clinic suggest that more discussions and awareness on this issue are necessary. As medical advancements pave the way for gender-affirming surgeries, policymakers and healthcare providers should engage in an open dialogue to address the concerns of parents and ensure that children are receiving the best possible care. The need for transparency, consent, and thorough medical evaluations cannot be overlooked in the context of such sensitive and life-altering procedures.



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