Ontario class action lawsuit alleges common weedkiller causes cancer


Was given a 20% chance to live 2 years diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 17 Jeffrey deblock didn’t think he’d live to be 46 years old he attributes his cancer to a summer farm job beginning at 14 he sprayed crops with the herbicide Roundup its key ingredient

Glyphosate the product in in its current Farm is just simply not safe and and it’s carcinogenic and I really don’t want to see other people go going through what I’ve had to go through glyphosate the most widely used herbicide in Canada in 2015 the World Health organization’s cancer research

Arm found it probably carcinogenic to humans about 165,000 claims have been filed in the US against roundups parent company bear alleging illness with at least five plaintiffs winning cases last year in Canada a 2019 review found glyphosate unlikely to pose a human cancer risk risk with use approved until

2032 Health Canada tells Global News its Pest Management regulatory agency monitors new research Canadians are being used in a massive experiment but a former co-chair of the agency’s scientific advisory committee resigned calling for a complete overhaul of pesticide regulation in Canada Bruce lanere alleges Health Canada Limited scientist’s ability to ask questions and

Wouldn’t let them examine a study looking at glyphosate levels present in Canadian urine the agency tells Global News no information related to safety was withheld from the committee I worried that my presence on this committee would give people the impression that I did think we were protecting Canadians this month beay

Removed glyphosate from all household products sold in the US not agricultural when Global News asked if they would do the same in Canada the answer came back no the company says the decision wasn’t made because of Any safety concerns but solely to deal with the mountain of

Lawsuits it faces in that country I want to see my kids be able to Gro and walk in that field farmer Christopher dermit is concerned about glyphosate’s effects on soil biology and his family’s health we are in the transition of phasing out glycate is my hope and dream we have a

Nozzle body he says the natural herbicide he’s using is effective if more expensive Roundup is so popular because it’s cheap and it works bear tells Global News it will vigorously defend Roundup safety confident its products did not cause Jeffrey dblocks cancer appil beamman Global News Ottawa

An Ontario court has certified a new class action lawsuit that alleges a popular weed control chemical causes cancer. The lawsuit asks for at least $1.2 billion from Bayer, the maker of “Roundup” products.

The company denies the claims, despite a long list of similar complaints against it.

Global’s Abigail Bimman has the details.

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  1. My neighbors out here in the country chopped down all fence rows and underbrush. This year no birds no frogs or funny toads on my patio. I suspect they sprayed that land with round up and sprayed my property too. No squirrels it kills everything

  2. It says it right on the bottle..
    I think what they are trying to point out is..
    Why is there no WHIMIS Sheets or equivent that comes along with the product upon sale..
    These sheets contain everything there is to know so you can determine how far you want to go as far as protecting yourself when you use the product..Especially what you wear and how often you change and most importantly the procedure you dress and undress..
    It isn't just rubber gloves…
    Definately not bare hands..
    I think that what this Lawsuit is getting at .

  3. Your BBQ hamburger causes cancer Sunbathing causes cancer intimate relations causes cancer fear sales if your looking to buy a fun gift i have pet rocks for seal $150.00 per gift box limited time only

  4. How could you think a product like this won’t or can’t cause cancer?
    Look at all the crap they approve to put into our foods that we eat everyday.
    The standards have been going down for years. If health Canada approves these products then they should be as or more liable than the company that produces the product.


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