Matty Matheson opens up about restaurants, acting, and his unforgettable Emmys kiss with The Bear

The Bear's Matty Matheson on restaurants, acting — and that Emmys kiss

“From Restaurateur to Emmy Speech: The Unexpected Journey of Matty Matheson”

“Matty Matheson never saw himself becoming an actor, let alone giving an unforgettable Emmy acceptance speech. But lo and behold, the real-life restaurateur and chef from Fort Erie, Ont. did just that when ‘The Bear’ snagged the award for outstanding comedy series, taking home six wins that night. What ensued, was a memorable and buzz-worthy moment as Matheson, who co-produces and co-stars in the show, took the stage. But before he could utter a word, his co-star Ebon Moss-Bachrach, surprised him with a kiss, causing a stir of emotions for Matheson. Despite the unexpected nature of the moment, Matheson’s response was one filled with gratitude and amazement, which set the tone for the entire evening and beyond.”

Emmy Speech: A Passionate Ode to the Hospitality Industry

“Upon taking the stage, Matheson didn’t launch into the typical acceptance speech one might expect from an award-winning actor. Instead, his message was one dedicated to the fans of the show and the fellow workers in the hospitality industry. He expressed his deep love for restaurants and empathized with the challenges they face. His unscripted words touched the hearts of many, as he emphasized the beauty and struggle of the restaurant world. In a conversation with CBC’s Tom Power, Matheson revealed that his message, much like the impromptu kiss, was completely unplanned. He attributed his genuine and heartfelt words to his passion and love for the industry.”

“Make it sound not stupid”

“Delving into his involvement with the show, Matheson’s journey from restaurateur to actor stemmed from his collaboration with ‘The Bear’ creator Chris Storer’s sister, Courtney Storer. He provided valuable input, bringing an authentic depiction of working kitchens to the screen. Matheson’s contribution involved refining elements of the show’s kitchen, adding touches of realism to the struggling Chicago beef sandwich shop portrayed in the series. His expertise shone through as he ensured that key details in the show accurately mirrored real-life restaurant dynamics.”

“Acting scares the crap out of me”

“The transition to acting was not a natural move for Matheson, who initially expressed apprehension about the idea. He faced his fears by taking on the role of handyman Neil Fak, despite his aversion to acting. However, the true motive behind his compelling Emmy speech was his profound love for restaurants and the hardworking individuals within the industry. Matheson’s warmth and admiration for the restaurant world was evident as he humorously expressed his unwavering passion for the realm of gastronomy, despite its inherent difficulties. It is clear that his speech resonated deeply with aspiring chefs and hospitality workers alike, emphasizing the unsung beauty and challenges of the restaurant world.”

In Conclusion

“From an unexpected career shift to a heartwarming acceptance speech, Matty Matheson’s journey has been a testament to the power of authenticity and passion. His unscripted and impassioned words, coupled with his invaluable mentorship behind the scenes, have left an indelible mark on the entertainment world. Matheson’s message not only celebrated the triumphs of ‘The Bear’ but also shed light on the relentless spirit that drives the hospitality industry. Through his compelling words, Matheson has reignited a profound appreciation for restaurants and the resilient individuals who make them the vibrant and cherished institutions they are. As audiences look back on that unforgettable Emmy night, they are left with a powerful reminder of the beauty and struggles intertwined within the world of gastronomy and beyond.”



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