Mark Carney condemns David Menzies arrest, says Canada needs to be energy superpower


This was Canada you could have him arrested did you see that your rival Christi had one of our reporters arrested I don’t think she did I think she didn’t say word against it if the police tried to arrest was the wrong thing was absolutely the wrong thing

Thank you for saying that look freedom of the press i’ look I’ve uh I’ve been a public figure in Canada been a public figure in the UK I know you got to answer tough questions and you guys you know you ask tough questions and that’s fair

We got to do our yearly scrolling know how you been guys can’t take Mary anywhere I didn’t do that I’m I’ve been all right how how are you I got a couple quick questions for you this just arrived thank you welcome welcome to the party I’ve been here a couple of days only

Been in three fights really n no I wouldn’t have did that you know me um listen I got a question for you what we got here we can do whatever we’re the elite of the elit here so let me ask let me ask you something so um Justin Trudeau is struggling in

The poles there um what would your what would your I guess advice be to Trudeau because you got an election coming at least in the next couple years it’s PR good of you to follow Canadian politics that close you guys are buddies talk to a Canuck talk I’m great nice to see you

But seriously he needs help he’s down 20 points he has a gender gap women are choosing conservatives more than liberals I don’t remember the last time that happened what advice would you have with the for the youngster the uh going to a central Banker for political advice

Is never a good idea come on we know that you’re in the line now you know I heard you had a meeting the other day with the prime minister in Ottawa is that correct uh I’d see the Prime Minister from time to time I in what

Capacity may I ask uh I well I do a lot of work on uh climate as you know uh sure a big fan of that do you ever did you ever register as a lobbyist or is it just friendship sorry I don’t when you meet

With the when you meet with the PM on climate are you there on your own behalf or you there on behalf of a company law I um am the UN special Envoy on climate action and finance so and what do you make it’s a bitter cold in in Canada

Down to minus 40s back home in Alberta it was minus 40 uh and Gilbo is saying go to electric cars that doesn’t work in for a week well you’ve got to have watch out You’ got to have the full uh you’ve got to have full capacity right and

You’ve got to have um youve got to you know one of the things we’re going to need to do uh in Canada across Canada um and this is you know for the benefit of jobs in the country is is build out the grid you can’t switch before you build

It out number one number two one of the things you need regardless of the form of energy you have uh we have is um is also to have what’s called capacity Market alongside uh the electricity market so you think that gilo’s plan is a little bit Hasty since we haven’t done those

Foundational things well I think what’s important is that you know whether it’s uh in Alberta Ontario Canada Australia for that matter uh is that you have to yeah you have to build you have to build and it’s a it’s a time to build and look we’re in a

Position uh where we in Canada are in a position where we have been in energ superpower we can continue to be an energy superpower we’ve always uh we’ve always had um uh the ability to develop new sources of energy but the PM said there was no market for natural gas how

Do you feel about natural gas especially to relieve Ukraine and other Europeans from Russian gas how come they are buying Russian gas and Qatari gas but Justin trudo won’t let them buy Canadian gas well we would have to get uh to build the the terrains in order to do

That what called LG trains in order to get the gas to them well God this is a long interview isn’t it I’m enjoying it and and I’m doing my best to be fair and friendly if this if this was this was Canada you could have him arrested did

You see that your rival chrisand had one of our reporters arrested I think she did I think she didn’t say a word against it um on the incident um as you guys know very well Canada is a rule of law Country Canada is a democracy operational decisions

About law enforcement are taken by the police of jurisdiction quite appropriately political elected officials have no role in The Taking of those decisions and that’s why I don’t have any further comment it was the wrong thing was absolutely the wrong thing thank you for saying that of look

Freedom of the press I look I’ve uh I’ve been a public figure in Canada I’ve been a public figure in the UK I know you got to answer tough questions and you guys you know you ask tough questions and that’s fair well I want to thank you for

Saying that because I have to say Christa feland has not yet said anything uh in the in the vein that you have she’s been happy to let the cops do her work for her and if she disagrees with the cops she hasn’t said so well uh I said what I said so but

Look the questions you were asking earlier about uh energy and I’m going to have to well thanks for your time I really app app I appreciate feel until next year take care thank you I’m here in Davos Switzerland with a team of six journalists from Rebel news

You may remember last year we managed to scrum the CEO of fizer and Greta tberg and other people who want to control your life we might even bump into the chief of Black Rock Larry thinkink if you think our journalist ism is interesting and important please go to all our videos will be there and if you can please chip in a few bucks to crowdfund our economy class airfare to get here

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Rebel News’ Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini catch up with Mark Carney, UN climate envoy and former governor of the banks of Canada and England, who condemned the recent arrest of David Menzies and said Canada needs to become an energy superpower.
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