How Toronto’s non-alcoholic beverage scene is growing


The supermarket started about 2 years ago the founder Shane halberton um decided to stop drinking and realized that there was just not a lot of options out there for people who still wanted the experience and the social aspect of drinking alcohol without the alcohol itself here in this location we have

About 200 different products pretty much anything you could want in an alcoholic version we have the non-alcoholic version of it here when I started some good clean fund 3 years ago there really was a lack of non-alcoholic products in the market and there certainly wasn’t a

Movement like there is now for people to be thinking about and um you know maybe cutting back or choosing an alcohol free lifestyle it’s really become normalized now in the last year or two to reach for a non-alcoholic product to try to try something new instead of having a drink

So things have really really changed in Toronto this dry January there was probably double the amount of events that there was last year so it’s been really great to see the um you know the options that are available and I wish that they would be like that all year round

As more Canadians look to reduce their alcohol consumption — during Dry January and throughout the year — businesses in Toronto are taking note. Non-alcoholic options have become more common at bars and restaurants, and bottle shops like The Sobr Market exclusively sell beverages like beer, wine and spirits with low or no alcoholic content.

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