Great Lakes ice coverage at 50-year record-low levels


While the steps on the wolf Islander three might be covered in ice the same can’t be said for the waters beneath it back in the 70s yeah there was a foot and a half ice so everybody traveled the ice because the ferry was that much slower and that was

Just a way of life back then uh but things have changed quite a bit in the decades since due to Rising temperatures across the globe there’s much less ice on the Great Lakes than there used to be in fact fact according to Queen’s biology professor John small in the past

Half century this is only the second time the water has been this open it’s since the records have been kept by satellites it goes back to 1970s so yeah 50 years small says the changing climate is leading to what he refers to as a longer summer a situation that might

Sound good but he assures can have dire consequences just look at the wildfires we’ve had for example uh you know we have boreal forest that are burning we have the list goes on and on and kingstonians don’t have to look far to see the effects oh my while as recently

As 2018 they had to cut a hole in the ice for the annual Polar Plunge but last year you’d be forgiven for thinking the event was taking place in the spring we’ve definitely have a very clear visual of climate warming happening in front of our eyes so until

Larger scale changes are made to stop the rising temperatures the days of driving across Lake Ontario will remain a distant memory miss those days where seven minutes and you were across the ice and in the city and get your stuff done and go back and while small says

That if large- scale changes are made to reverse climate change it’s possible those days could return just not in our lifetime foras Muhammad yusf Global News Kingston

Despite a polar vortex bringing frigid temperatures to much of southern Ontario this week, it has been one of the milder winters in recent memory.

Now experts are saying the Great Lakes are starting the year with the least amount of ice on them in over five decades.

Global’s Fawwaz Muhammad-Yusuf has more.

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  1. Global warming, global warming! Where is the farm killer John Kerry. 1.5 degree change and we are doomed. Man wants to go to Mars, yet we are worried about 1.5 degrees on Earth????

  2. It's ridiculous trying to get people to fall for your global warming garbage! We have an el nino so the north is warmer, Most of the times the great lakes has a lot of ice on it! That's why we have a ice fishing season in our area off of lake Erie!


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