Ezra Levant’s eye-opening visit to the Ukraine House in Davos


Well first of all Russians are very good liars so that’s number one number two if you have a camp with children but you don’t have their legal guardians or their parents and you cannot speak to them I think you as an investigative journalist can actually be critical and

Ask yourself or ask them the question where is the written document where do you have the signed declaration of the parents that the children should be here I don’t know where you’re from but where I’m from a child doesn’t go away from their home without parents agreeing to

That in a written form with a clear timeline when children should be back and how they will come back Ezra Lan here for Rebel news this is the second time I’ve come to the Ukraine Pavilion at the world economic Forum behind me a map of Ukraine by different uh Province or oblast as

They’re called you can see the number of wounded or killed civilians um 120 years years ago my family came from jetos I’m glad that we’re safe and sound in Canada and not in a horrific war that has seen hundreds of thousands dead on both sides Vladimir zalinski is

Attending the world economic Forum uh I understand he was in the Swiss Capital yesterday but he’ll be in Davos today speaking in the main con Conference Center I’m in the Ukraine Pavilion which is one of those uh sort of Trade Fair like kiosks that line the prominade in D

Very high security this year as it won’t surprise you to learn uh we went through an airport style metal detector and U I just feel that security for the entire Davos conference is a little bit higher there was a helicopter right overhead as we came in uh lots of police and

Military on the streets but in Canada there was a lot last year too a year has gone by and I feel an enormous change in the Ukraine file when I was here last year uh the theme of this Pavilion was war crimes prosecutions against Russia and reparations the idea of seizing

Hundreds of billions of dollars of assets from the Russian Federation and using them to rebuild Ukraine um here’s a conversation I had with a war crimes lawyer last year at the Pavilion just to give you a flavor of where the Frontline in the legal and political battle was

One year ago that any conclusion will likely have to be negotiated politically with Russia what would you say to that Counterpoint am I tell me if I’m wrong tell me if I’m right I think in an ordinary situation even a ordinary bad situation the Endo is usually some type

Of negotiated settlement the thing is this isn’t an ordinary situation yes since 1945 with the possible exception of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invading and attempting to destroy Kuwait there’s been nothing remotely like this and since 1945 the world including the world economy have benefited enormously from the consensus that one country shall not

Use Force to change the boundaries of another country you don’t do that under the modern settlement that we reached after 1945 took a long time to get there but Iran Iraq Morocco Algeria Yemen and Saudi Arabia I mean I I could these just off the top of my head I I could

Probably name well I mean Vietnam Korea I mean since 1945 there’s probably been a hundred Wars that change boundaries that I mean I’m not trying to be argumentative I’m just trying to understand how how this is legally different and I I’m looking forward to your answer you’re actually wrong um

There’s been nothing remotely like this with a possible exception of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait an established boundary a settled boundary challenged by force with a declared under the law of the aggressor a declared annexation this is Hitler’s stuff well a year has gone by and so much has changed when one

Things that that has changed is the appetite among Western uh countries for military and financial donations to Ukraine has withered and uh it’s no secret that Vladimir zalinski himself is upset about this he has repeatedly asked the West for funding and there’s some fairness to it as uh we now learn that

Over a year ago there was a kind of tentative peace agreement negotiated in principle with Russia but the NATO especially in the person of Boris Johnson told zalinski not to take it so the West in a way uh insisted that zalinski continue to fight here’s the US White House spokesman saying he would

Not accept any ceasefire because that would crystallize Russian gains uh that if coming out of this meeting there’s some sort of call for a ceasefire well that’s just going to be unacceptable because all that’s going to do Mike is ratify Russia’s Conquest to dates all that’s going to do is give Mr

Putin more time to refit retrain remman uh and try to uh to to plan for for renewed offensives at a time of his choosing uh we hope and we’ve said this before that M that President XI will call and talk to president zinsky because we believe the Chinese need to

Get the Ukrainian perspective here well I think that militarily a lot has changed for example the counter offensive by Ukraine was not as successful as hoped for and as I mentioned before the financial situation has changed uh an enormous loss of life in Ukraine I understand from reports

That the average age of the Ukrainian Soldier is in the 40s an entire generation of young men lost and the impact of this Pavilion uh is to show the human cost of that as soon as you walk in you see horrific images of the both military and civilian toll and

That’s what this map behind me is um and and that that was similar to last year and it it it felt like it was documenting in real time the horrors of War last year the talk was of Prosecuting Russia for war crimes but the latest reports are that zalinsky is

In Switzerland along with Emanuel macron um the Secretary General of the United Nations and other world leaders to essentially ask them to assist in a peace negotiation at least those are the reports we’ll see what Z says tonight in his speech I’m going to continue walking

Through the kiosk and I may have more you’re the curator for this very powerful exhibition I’d like to ask you some questions because I don’t understand the story behind it can you please tell me who are these children how were they selected for deportation and how did it happen so all

Of the children you see here are Ukrainian children who have been deported by Russians who have been brought to camps so to speak um and who have been returned to Ukraine because their parents or their legal Guardians at personal risk went into Russia to bring them back with documents arguing

To the people who are in the camp that this is their child that the child should be given back to them and like this they were brought back to Ukraine so how are these children physically taken if they had parents were they how were they swept up well the stories of

Each child are different many of the children were brought to you know holiday camps as they called it and were never returned uh some critics say that these people are ethnically Russian or that they affiliate with Russia as opposed to Ukraine is that incorrect completely what would you say to to

Those who who well help me understand it then help me help me um Square the circle how I I’m just trying to understand who they are and how it happened I’m at a I’m at a loss well Russians have a genocidal intent in Ukraine one of the ways to destroy

Ukraine is to steal the children it’s according to the Geneva Convention one of the acts of genocide that is exactly what they have been doing we have reported facts of thousands of children we don’t know about many others because there’s no not always access there testimonies there’s witness statements

There’s children themselves who tell these stories how they do it that’s a different question the fact that they take them away from their parents that they take them away from their homes and bring them to Russia to re-educate is a fact can I ask you a a question about

The estimates ranging from 20 to over 1 million that’s a very wide range are are there if especially if it’s on the larger side of that are there other International groups like The Red Cross or I don’t know are there are there international is the United Nations looking into this I’m I’m trying

To understand the story behind the art and I’m relying on you to help me are others ringing the alarm on this well I think it is a a public a public debate internationally people understand that this is happening there is outrage about it and the numbers are difficult the

Numbers are difficult because there is no access if there is access you can start estim you can start looking we don’t have a map like we have downstairs with the war crimes that Russians are committing in Ukraine simply because we can’t make that map because we don’t

Have an access so we have to work from estimates we have to work from testimonies we have to work from what we know uh I have a former colleague who went to Russia and he saw one of these summer camps musical camps and they purported they claimed these were e

Ethnic Russians who wanted to be in Russia and I don’t know maybe it was propaganda but the kids seemed happy they were are there any legitimate camps like that or are you saying that these camps are all sort of a ethnic cleansing I’m just trying to

Understand to square what I saw in those reports with what I’m seeing here and I’m and I’d love any guidance well first of all Russians are very good liars so that’s number one number two if you have a camp with children but you don’t have their legal guardians or their

Parents and you cannot speak to them I think you as an investigative journalist can actually be critical and ask yourself or ask them the question where is the written document where do you have the signed declaration of the parents that the children should be here I don’t know where you’re from but where

I’m from a child doesn’t go away from their home without parents agreeing to that in a written form with a clear timeline when children should be back and how they will come back I should tell you that we did not air that footage because I was skeptical of it um

My colleague aired it later on when he was no longer with our company but it’s been something I’ve been alert to I guess for a year I don’t want to take up any more of your time because I I don’t think I have any specific questions for

You and you’ve been very forceful in your answer and and I value the the time you’ve given me so thank you for that thank you so much you know they say there’s no such thing as a dumb question and and I believe in that if you think

It’s a dumb question first of all someone else probably has that same question they want answered and the only way to get over your dumbness is to ask the questions and I really feel like I’m not well armed to understand what’s going on here uh I’m not sure if you

Caught it but I referred to a trip that one of our journalists former journalist Jeremy lafredo made to Russia about a year ago to see what things were like on the inside for example he went to grocery stores to see if what the price

Of food was he went to a gas station to see what the price of gas was he interviewed ordinary Russians on the streets and in a Starbucks and things like that and uh Jeremy lefo who’s no longer with Rebel news he’s he he’s moved on to another Network went to one

Of these kids camps a musical camp and it was I think one of the things they’re talking about here and I saw the video and it just felt a little bit it it felt like we didn’t have both sides of the story and so as the publisher of Rebel news I

Made the decision not to air that video now Jeremy as I mentioned left Rebel news and he went on to work for the gry zone and then he later published that footage over there they have a different editorial approach than we do but talking to the to the curator here that

You just heard He suggests some good points how do you know those kids were there voluntarily all right it’s a good question I don’t know because I wasn’t there I do know though that there are plenty of ethnic Russians in that eastern part of Ukraine the donbas Kon

Places like that I’m not an expert even though 120 years ago my family was from Central Ukraine um the fact that the statistics are not known estimates range from 20,000 to over 1 million is quite a range I’m not here to deny uh the allegations made by Ukraine

Because I’m I’m not well enough armed I really am in the hands of the of the Pavilion here to inform me um I’m not resolved on the issue but I’m really glad I came here just like I was last year and here’s why when you take a political point of view especially in

The world of Twitter you get so much reinforcement by people who like or retweet what you have to say and you have a tendency to stay in your own Camp to listen to people on your side and discount people on the other side and I’ve been uh I’ve condemned Russia’s

Invasion since the very first moments of it but I’ve also been a disagreer for some of the western reproach approach to it I I feel like the war was elongated by NATO at horrible cost but I think I have a special Duty as a skeptic of the

War there to inform myself and to come straight into the heart of the Ukrainian Pavilion and do my best to listen and do my best to ask meaningful and real questions and when I get an answer not to dismiss it off hand uh it’s very difficult especially when it’s so

Emotionally such as the idea of children being kidnapped and I mean that the same time we know for example that the terrorist group Hamas has kidnapped children even babies and holding them it’s just the most horrific emotional thing in the world this Ukraine Pavilion as uh you heard uh perhaps you heard the

Curator say to another tour group is an emotional project it’s to touch the heartstrings the moment you walk into the Pavilion you’re faced with gut-wrenching photos of war crimes um and I will admit that it has some effect on me but I think that’s good I think I

Should never stop caring about human life and in every war there is pain mainly born by civilians and I think it’s important that uh that I see it even if it’s just once a year here at the Ukraine Pavilion Vladimir zinski will have some remarks later today I’ll

Pay attention to those and I might try and take in a panel discussion here listen that’s not the main reason we came to Davos not at all we came here to hunt the vvips like Albert Bula the fizer CEO and Greta tunberg and the other people were catching on the

Streets but once a year I come here to make sure I have a balanced information on this war in Ukraine you know the rebel news motto telling the other side of the story it’s important that I listen to the other side of the story too see all our reports go to wfre reports.com

I’m on the streets of Davos sets high in the Swiss Alps for the annual meeting of the world economic Forum we’re not invited we tried to get accredited they said no fine we’ll do our citizen journalism on the streets to see all our videos or to chip into our crowdfunding

To help get us here go to WF reports.com

| ‘Where I’m from, a child doesn’t go away from their home without parents agreeing to that in a written form, with a clear timeline when children should be back,’ said the exhibition’s curator at the Ukraine House in Davos.
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  1. ? Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 ????? Introduction to Ukraine Pavilion at Davos
    – Raised concerns about the absence of legal documentation for children in the camp.
    – Highlighted the cultural practice of obtaining parental consent in the speaker's home country.
    – Initial observations on the heightened security at the Davos conference.
    02:03 ? Changes in Focus: From War Crimes to Peace Negotiation
    – Shift in the theme of the Ukraine Pavilion from war crimes to peace negotiations.
    – Western countries' decreasing interest in providing military and financial aid to Ukraine.
    – Revelation about a tentative peace agreement that was discouraged by the West.
    05:28 ? Shift in Military Dynamics and Financial Support
    – Ukraine's counteroffensive not as successful as anticipated.
    – Decline in Western financial and military support for Ukraine.
    – Impact of the conflict on the average age of Ukrainian soldiers and loss of a generation.
    06:52 ? Exhibition on Deported Ukrainian Children
    – Description of an exhibition featuring Ukrainian children deported by Russians.
    – Insight into the risks parents took to retrieve their children.
    – Allegations of genocidal intent by Russians, supported by reported facts and witness statements.
    09:21 ? Challenges in Estimating Numbers and International Awareness
    – Acknowledgment of difficulties in estimating the number of affected children.
    – International awareness and outrage about the situation.
    – Lack of a comprehensive map due to limited access, relying on estimates and testimonies.
    11:10 ? Questions on Reporting and Ethical Considerations
    – Discussion on the decision not to air certain footage due to skepticism.
    – Importance of asking critical questions as an investigative journalist.
    – Acknowledgment of the complexity and emotional nature of the topic.
    14:37 ? Seeking Balance and Understanding
    – Emphasis on the importance of seeking balanced information.
    – Personal commitment to exploring different perspectives, even when emotionally challenging.
    – Annual visit to the Ukraine Pavilion for a more nuanced understanding of the conflict.
    16:15 ? Citizen Journalism in Davos
    – Recap of Rebel News' citizen journalism approach in Davos.
    – Focus on reporting from the streets rather than official accreditation.
    – Encouragement for viewers to visit wfreports.com for comprehensive coverage.

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  2. What about the war crimes of Ukraine? This war has not been going on since 2022, it’s been going on since 2014, and a lot of Ukraine civilians have been killed by Ukrainians since then.
    The west does not bear any responsibility, Zelensky would have agreed to the peace deal if he wanted, but he didn’t.
    The story of the children doesn’t seem right, if this was true, it would have been all over the media, it’s not.
    I don’t support either side, but we know that Ukraine is corrupt and they have lied a lot in this war and have been using emotional blackmail to garner support (as this exhibition is designed to do). If this story about the kids was true, the story would be everywhere, why isn’t it?

  3. Dear Rebel News, please grab the poo shovel out of the stables and clean the Pooty-poot Brigade comments out of here. Thank you.
    I took a stroll through this section and now I have to go hose off my boots.

  4. Thanks for the update Ezra, I much prefer to hear your balanced investigative unbiased journalism. As for Freeland having Nazis roots and tying herself to Klaus Schwab that is a whole different can of worms. I support ordinary people affected by this mess in Ukraine.

  5. Finally you reach their booth, let's see what these people say about their own war that they created and beg all the money they want to help them and their leader doesn't know the word diplomacy at all times. You ask for it, you got it guys that's how it works but make sure that all the people and country that you really believe in will help you for eternity.

  6. The Ukraine/Russian war did not need to have happened, it was driven by the EU, NATO, WEF, the Arms Industry and the Biden Administration (just like the civil wars caused by Obama and Clinton in the Middle East promulgating ‘Change’, during Obama’s 8 years of Presidency).

  7. Fact: Ukraine has been the most corrupt European country since the end of the second world war. Speculation: This is a massive money laundering scam. These leftist globalist governments we have in the west know they are finished so they are lining their pockets.

  8. I do not believe what Ukraine ?? says, because all the woke governments and media are gas-lighting everybody, and supporting Ukraine ??. There are bio-labs in Ukraine, ask Victoria Newland. Ukraine is the main hub for human trafficking. Ukraine leadership killed their own in 2014. Check out the history. Eastern Russian speaking Ukrainians were killed and treated terribly.

  9. So the Minsk agreements and all the Nato accords of staying away from Russia's borders mean nothing. How dare those Russians expect others to hold up the agreements they make. Outrageous. By the way, Russia calls this a military action, not a war. If it was a war Kyiv would have be taken 2 years ago


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