Best Buy Canada and Bell Canada team up to bring innovative consumer electronics shopping experience to Canadian customers

Best Buy Canada and Bell Canada partner to deliver the next evolution of consumer electronics retail for Canadian consumers

“Best Buy Canada and Bell are teaming up to bring Canadian consumers more choices in consumer electronics and telecommunication services. Under the new partnership, 165 small-format electronics retail stores across Canada, branded as Best Buy Express, will offer a combination of Best Buy’s top-rated consumer electronics and Bell’s wireline and wireless services. The Source, a subsidiary of Bell, will be rebranded as Best Buy Express, representing a unique and innovative partnership between these two industry leaders. This will provide an exciting opportunity for Canadian consumers to receive an exceptional shopping experience with quality products and services available to them. As technology continues to evolve and become more integrated into people’s lives, this collaboration seeks to meet the needs of the modern consumer.”

Exclusive Products and Services for Canadians

The collaborative effort between these two companies aims to tap into the respective strengths of both Best Buy and Bell. This will include investments in updated store experiences, an expanded product selection, and customer support, as well as training programs for employees. Best Buy’s expertise in consumer electronics will be combined with Bell’s telecommunications services, provided through Bell, Virgin Plus, and Lucky Mobile, all available at these new Best Buy Express stores.

Convenience and Accessibility for Canadian Shoppers

Best Buy Express will open in locations across Canada starting in the second half of 2024, offering an easy-to-navigate, welcoming experience in a small-store format. This will allow customers to experience products in person and talk with knowledgeable sales associates before making a purchase. Furthermore, the e-commerce power of will offer customers a wider selection of consumer electronics, with the option for full delivery or pick up of online orders in Best Buy or Best Buy Express stores. This versatility will cater to the changing needs of customers who want to shop in a way that is convenient for them, whether in-store or online.

Thoughts on the New Venture

“We’re excited to expand Best Buy’s presence to new communities across the country. These updated small stores are sure to appeal to new and existing Best Buy customers,” shared Ron Wilson, President of Best Buy Canada. Meanwhile, Blaik Kirby, Group President of Bell, stated, “We’re excited to join forces with Best Buy to deliver a ground-breaking partnership that will resonate with Canadian consumers. By combining Canada’s award-winning mobility and Internet from Bell and converting The Source’s extensive retail footprint to Best Buy’s leading consumer electronics experience, we’re giving customers the best of all worlds for tech and telecommunications retail in Canada.”

In Conclusion

The collaboration between Best Buy Canada and Bell represents a forward-thinking approach to offering consumers a diverse range of products and services. Whether it’s the latest consumer electronics or advanced telecommunications, this new venture aims to provide convenience and accessibility to consumers across Canada. As technology continues to shape the way people live and work, this partnership brings together the best of both worlds to cater to the evolving needs of today’s consumers.



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