Anti-Israel protesters are clueless about ‘River’ and ‘Sea’ referenced in famous chant


So I’m not sure about the river but the sea is definitely the Mediterranean Sea where palan has a coast on it from the river I’m not true though do you know which river and which SE we are talking that’s the limits of the the frontier of Palestine it’s from it start from the

River to the to the Sea do you know the name of the sea I don’t remember hello everyone Alex Sal for Ruben news and today is Sunday January 14 the anti-israel demonstration titled Andre day of genocide is taking place I’m here to interview the protesters about the meaning of the slogan from The

River To The Sea Palestine will be free from from the this expression invoking the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is often perceived by Pro Palestinian supporters as a call for dignity and freedom however for those who truly understand the meaning of this slogan the chant is

Seen as a call for the extermination of Israel as a Jewish state and its million of Jewish citizen it’s not it’s not their place to be there it’s not Israel what we should do with them they they go to the states to the United States

That’s where if the US and the UK and the France and ger Germany they sport them they might as well take them with [Applause] [Applause] them [Applause] for those who don’t know this slogan has been banned in several places like Berlin and Vienna as this Chan can be considered genocidal towards Jews

According to a survey of 250 student published in Newsweek on January 11 approximatively 86% expressed support for this expression however only 47% of those surveyed could name the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which historically encompassed Palestine and now include both Israel and the Palestinian territories even more surprising after

Deepening their knowledge of the region 67.8% of those survey it changed their mind and no longer support the initial sentiment so let’s now hear the response from the people who are protesting right now let’s check it Out what is their meaning of from The River To The Sea Palestine will be free yeah all the land to come back to to to the original people who was owning the the land the or the the Palestinians then okay if somebody like to leave over there okay they can share

But with peace under Palestine State not uh the Occupation For It’s just to end cupation and have like same right for everyone Jewish and Israelis and Muslim Christians and Palestinian that’s the only thing free from occupation it means the two sections of Palestine the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that’s what it means to me at least do you know

Which river and which sea we are talking about so I’m not sure about the river but the sea is definitely the Mediterranean Sea where palestin has a coast on it from the river I’m not sure though cuz CU they in the coast of the militarian sea and and uh um and the and

The and the and and and The that’s the limits of the the frontier of Palestine it’s from it start from the river to the to the Sea do you know the name of the Remember ask him which one this one okay so just Google it okay and again I’m again I’m recording okay again I’m recording don’t post anything for me and for my son okay again I’m recording don’t post anything for me and for my son I don’t need the permission first of

All but it seems that I shock him when I asked him if you knew knew which river and which sea we are talking about in from the river to the Sea palestin will be free but it seem that a lot of people doesn’t know about this uh there is a

Survey that went out last week about a survey on 250 student who are supporter of Palestine who are protesting and uh 46% have mentioned that they regret to have uh say the slogan because the they heard about the the other signification that is the inhalation of the Jewish state with the

Jewish people media want to turn that into religion War there is no religion War like Jews Christian and Muslim were in Palestine before Israel is just uh a brand a new branding of that region that didn’t work but would you regret maybe one day to have say a slogan like this that

Means for other people the destruction of the state of Israel doesn’t mean the destruction of Israel Israel is just a state and people should like it’s a political place that is taking over they they’re making like wrong they’re doing wrong to the Jewish people I don’t see

It that way I see it as a Nal Zionism which is different from Jewish people it’s I feel this CH is against Zionism people who want to impose is said who took just land News huh that bad news it has a historic boundary it has historic borders and it should be free it should be they are against they are news against they are really bad Okay so I think uh we’ll end up that year uh since uh someone wanted to know for who I’m working and I got really mad and now I we have some people who try to block the camera of my camera person Gua so I think now that the situation is a

Little bit tense will get off of the place and uh hope you enjoy my report was Alexa fors in Montreal Canada is set to open his door to more than a thousand Refugee it was supposed to be a hard cap to a thousand Refugee but Mark Miller minister of

Immigration have changed its mind so if you wants to make your voice heard that we should not open our door to some of the refugee that openly support Hamas go over no gazar refugees. comom sign our petition right now

? | Tell Trudeau to stop pandering to Hamas supporters!
Alexa Lavoie hears from anti-Israel protesters in Montreal, who, for the most part, were clueless about the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea referenced in the famous ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ chant.
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  1. 0:00: ?? Misunderstanding of chant's reference by anti-Israel protesters.
    3:38: ?? Protesters express support for Palestine's freedom and statehood, emphasizing peaceful coexistence for all religions.
    7:26: ? Misunderstanding of historical references leads to misinformed anti-Israel protests.
    Recapped using Tammy AI

  2. There is no such thing as Palestinian ethnicity. It's as absurd as calling Canadians a people, or ethnic group. Arabs and Jews are Palestinian. They have invented a people and a fictitious nation to assert a narrative of oppression and marginalization that doesn't exist.

  3. u know they are not the brightest ppl in the world, probably paid by soros or whoever when they carry trans flags nxt to palestine flags , when we know many gays have been straight up murdered in gaza (from rooftops, iranian style

  4. That's how woefully stupid all of this is. It's more about waving flags and signaling virtue. Most couldn't find Palestine on a map, some think it's in Ohio. What river and what sea are good questions, and ones this bunch couldn't answer for a pension. Its an excellent cosplay opportunity for dumbells who like to plqy dress up. It looks like central casting for Laurence of Arabia, only more ugly.


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