Syngenta Canada in Guelph recognized as one of the best employers

Guelph's Syngenta Canada named a top employer

“Syngenta Canada Named Top Employer in Southwestern Ontario”

Guelph is home to one of the top employers in southwestern Ontario, as Syngenta Canada has been honoured with this prestigious title. The award, created by Canada’s Top 100 Employers, is a testament to Syngenta’s commitment to providing an exceptional workplace for its employees. As an agricultural company focused on sustainability in crop solutions, Syngenta has cultivated an inclusive environment that empowers its workers, fosters growth, and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

The Key Criteria behind the Win

In order to be considered for this award, employers must meet specific criteria related to work atmosphere, health, financial and family benefits, vacation and time-off, employee communications, performance management, training and skills development, and community involvement. Syngenta’s recognition as a top employer is attributed to its progressive time-off policies, parental leave top-up, and profit-sharing initiatives. These factors have contributed to a positive work environment that encourages innovation and growth within the company.

Employee’s Perspective

“Every single person who works at Syngenta Canada has made this a great place to work. Together, we will continue to cultivate an inclusive workplace that empowers our employees, fosters growth and development, and promotes a healthy work-life balance,” stated Stacey Redford, head of human resources at Syngenta. Trevor Heck, the president of Syngenta, also emphasized the importance of connection, community, and belonging in creating a great place to work. This recognition reflects Syngenta’s dedication to fostering an environment where employees can contribute to a thriving agricultural sector in Canada.


Syngenta Canada’s achievement as a top employer in southwestern Ontario underscores the significance of providing a supportive and inclusive environment for employees. By prioritizing work-life balance, family benefits, and innovation, Syngenta has set an example for companies aiming to create a positive and empowering workplace. This accolade serves as a reminder of the value of recognizing and promoting exceptional work environments, ultimately enhancing the overall well-being and productivity of employees.



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