Sentencing hearing for Ontario woman who defrauded numerous doulas


An Ontario woman who pleaded guilty to faking pregnancies and defrauding doulas is being sentenced today 25-year-old Caitlyn Braun was arrested last March she faced 52 charges and pleaded guilty to 21 the cbc’s Megan Fitzpatrick has more on this case and what’s happened in the courtroom so

Far from what we know of it are th’s alleged offenses some of them are still alleged because she was not found guilty on some of the charges were convicted of them um this all started in 2022 and carried on for several months before she was arrested she would apparently

Contact doulas in the Southwestern Ontario area but potentially Beyond um that part of the province as well contact them over social media ask for their assistance and their support um uh for pregnancy loss as well as stillborn labor and in some cases actual labor that she ended up faking um in some

Cases the support was offered over the phone in some cases it was in person the doulas would go to uh Caitlyn’s Caitlyn Bron’s home um for days at a time and she would tell these doulas that she had become pregnant as a result of sexual assault these douas felt sympathetic for

Her compassion for her she had told them she had no support from friends or family and so in some cases they offered their services for free um now there are different stories with the different doulas in terms of what played out um but eventually some of these stories

Sort of fell apart and the circumstances were so suspicious that the Duelist started warning each other in the community about a woman that was faking being pregnant and some reported it to police arthy and they did become uh begin investigating leading to her arrest in March of 20123 they did Lay 52

Charges a range of uh offenses including sexual ual assault in some instances she allegedly coerced some of the doulas into giving her massages um she also was charged with harassment and fraud charges as well in December she pleaded guilty to some of them not the sexual assault charges but she did plead guilty

To some of the other charges it is expected today in court that the crown will drop the 31 charges that she did not enter a plea for uh so today she uh is in Court um as part of this sentencing hearing for the 21 charges that she did plead guilty

To and now Megan what if we heard from Braun herself or the victims if anything we’ve not heard anything from Braun herself other than when she pleaded guilty in court in December as for the victims we are hearing from them right now in court as part of the sentencing

Hearing they have the opportunity to deliver Victim Impact statements uh and so they are telling the court uh what impact the offenses had on them and they’re talking about the trauma that they experienced at the hands of Caitlyn Brun some of them saying they are uh

Fearful and now when they try and get new clients they have trust issues they are afraid this will happen to them again uh some of them talking about the financial impact this had on them the the money that they lost in some cases uh Caitlyn Brun was supposed to pay them

And never did and in other cases they offered to work for free under false pretense it turned out and some saying in court arthy that um she spoke directly one of the the victims to Caitlyn Brun saying to her that her actions made a mockery of people who

Really do experience pregnancy loss um and uh and and stillborn labor and she told Caitlyn Brun it’s because of people like you that real victims of sexual assault are sometimes afraid to come forward for fear of not being believed some of the the DU who are speaking in

Court right now saying um that the trauma has physical effects on them as well that they are stressed have anxiety depression trouble sleeping so a range of impacts here they’re saying uh these offenses had on them and on their families um in a range of ways uh so the

Victim impact statements are ongoing today not clear if we will get an actual sentence directly from the judge in this case today or if that will take another hearing our Thief that is the cbc’s Megan Fitzpatrick

Over a dozen Ontario doulas told a sentencing court Wednesday that they suffered psychological trauma and significant financial losses after they fell victim to Kaitlyn Braun, 25, of Brantford, Ont., who faked several pregnancies.

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