Red Sea attacks: Houthis accuse US of “blackmail” after rebel group re-classified as terrorists


Earlier today the Secretary of State announced the designation of the houthis as a specially designated Global terrorist effective February 16th for threatening the security of the United States since November the houthis have launched numerous missiles and drones towards International Merchant ships as well as us and partner vessel Naval

Vessels defending the Safety and Security of commercial shipping across the Red Sea these attacks against international shipping have endangered Mariners and disrupted the free flow of Commerce and freedom of navigation for the past several weeks the United States with allies and partners around the world has made clear that there must be

Consequences for those attacks and today’s de designation follows on our military action last week to hold the houthis accountable for their actions the United States is the world’s leading donor of humanitarian assistance to Yemen we recognize the grave humanitarian situation there which is why we are taking these steps to

Minimize harm to the civilian population at the same time we will continue to make clear to the houthis that their attacks against commercial V uh vessels must stop and we will remain uh uh uh we will remain prepared to take additional actions if necessary what’s changed is

We have seen them launching attacks on commercial shipping uh in the Red Sea something that wasn’t the case in 2021 we do want to see an end to this conflict we want to see it as soon as possible but we want to see an end to this conflict that’s durable and not an

End to this conflict that leaves Hamas in place to again launch terrorist attacks against Israel um that’s not something that’s tolerable to Israel it’s not something that is would be to tolerable to any country so we want to see um an end to this conflict that ensures that October 7th can never be


The U.S. revealed it put Yemen’s Houthi rebels back on its list of specially designated global terrorists on Wednesday, following a series of attacks on Israel-affiliated vessels on the Red Sea.

The move hits the Iran-backed fighters with harsh sanctions that could cripple their ability to fund attacks in vital Red Sea shipping lanes.

The Houthis say the designation is “blackmail” and will not affect operations that they are actively carrying out in solidarity with Palestinians amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

“The U.S. uses this designation as blackmail against anyone who opposes its policies and stands in opposition — including its support for the war on Gaza,” Houthi Media Authority member Abdul-Rahman al-Ahnumi said on Wednesday.

“We will continue to make clear to the Houthis that there attacks against merchant vessels must stop and we will remain prepared to take additional actions if necessary,” U.S. State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said Wednesday.

Despite U.S. threats, the Houthis remain in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza — more than 24,000 of which have been killed by Israel since Oct 7. The violence came in response to the Hamas attacks in Israel that resulted in the death of more than 1,200 Israelis and approximately 240 hostages being taken.

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  1. i'm confused with the use of the word 'terrorism', coming from a country that bombed libya, yemen, syria, iraq x2, laos, vietnam, korea, china, philipines, yugoslavia, granada, cuba, haiti, mexico, dozens of african countries like somalia, dozens of countries in south america, central america. WHO is the terrorist here i don't understand this????

  2. The Houthi's are striking commercial shipping (civilians) to disrupt trade, that is the definition of terrorism… They are not standing in solidarity with Gaza, they don't care about Palestinians just like they don't care about many of their own Yemeni people. The Houthi's are just using this war as an excuse to gain support by fighting against Israel and the US. It is bad enough that they can easily do this in their own country by controlling news narratives, the last thing we need are our own "news" outlets also supporting them like you are doing with this video and headline. Please stop supporting terrorism and start reporting the news properly…

  3. The US has gutted international justice and lost all credibility and any moral authority they might have had by choosing to support Israel's war crimes. I feel like this is not going to end well.

  4. -Jan 17 World Economic Forum (WEF) invited the master of terrorists to Davos amid simmering tensions with the West!!

    -Iran's regime FM Abdollahian interviewed with their favorite host, Fareed Zakaria CNN: "If the Gaza conflict ends, we will stop other crises and attacks in the region!"

    – Iran's regime leader, Khamenei: "It was necessary to use the latest political opportunities to stop the war, and if the situation goes out of control, no party (he means terrorists) will be safe from its consequences!!" Ayatollahs of Iran's regime are scared!

    Iraq Foreign Minister: "Iran's regime cannot attack Israel. They are looking for a victim around them!

    -Jan 15 US Navy seized a boat heading for Yemen and seized Iranian-made missile components and other weaponry bound for Houthi forces!

    -Jan 16 Fawad Hossein, Iraqi Foreign Minister: "Iran's regime bombing of Erbil is due to the country's inability to respond to Israel!

    The IRGC attacked civilian areas of Erbil, including a house, and all the dead and wounded in this attack were Iraqi Kurds!"

    -Jan 17 Pakistan has strongly condemned an Iran's regime airstrike inside its borders that killed two children, calling it an “unprovoked violation of its airspace” and warning of retaliation.

  5. What a Joke, labeling them with that means nothing when you're doing it to protect you know who doing you know what, I have to be careful because of the censorship but it's obvious that the U.S isn't feard or taken serious by anyone anymore

  6. But it's their waters ??? since I heard the British minister say they are attacking "our" space I laughed as the British navy ships are no in British waters but in Yemeni waters ???

  7. Idk what they think a terrorist really is? But apparently targeting bulk transport on the ocean is not by there definition… this is all push shove.. and its Russia and iran behind it… time for NATO to send a clear message


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