Patient Surge at Winnipeg hospitals leads to rescheduling of surgeries – Winnipeg

B.C. man among hundreds left waiting in pain due to Victoria operating room closures

“Elective Orthopedic Surgeries Postponed As Winnipeg Hospitals Struggle”

It appears that hospitals in Winnipeg are being overwhelmed with patients suffering from respiratory illnesses. Consequently, the overwhelming demand for care has led to the postponement of some surgeries.

The Impact on Staffing

Dr. Joss Reimer, Chief Medical Officer of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, highlighted that staffing shortages are a significant reason behind this situation. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals could easily move staff around, open new beds, and adapt to changing circumstances. However, with many healthcare professionals leaving their positions or reducing their hours due to the pandemic, the current staffing situation has become inflexible.

According to Dr. Reimer, the decision to reschedule surgeries has had a devastating impact, particularly on the surgical teams. These teams work tirelessly every day to provide vital care to patients and rescheduling surgeries has become a last resort.

Strategies to Cope with the Surge

In an effort to manage the surge in patients, hospitals are implementing a variety of strategies. Nurses, including those in leadership and corporate roles, are being asked to cover extra shifts. Additionally, Walk-In Connected Care Clinics have seen an increase in capacity to redirect patients from emergency departments. Concordia Hospital is reorganizing its waiting room to create more treatment spaces, while Pan Am Clinic is making adjustments to accommodate more patients with minor injuries.


It is clear that the surge of patients with respiratory illnesses has put a severe strain on healthcare facilities in Winnipeg. While hospitals are implementing various measures to address the influx of patients, the precise end of the surge remains uncertain. The impact of the pandemic on healthcare professionals and the broader healthcare system is a reminder of the challenges faced by the medical community during these unprecedented times.”



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