Parts of B.C. dealing with major snowfall, closed schools, difficult travel


But we begin this hour in BC after a week of record-breaking cold parts of the province are now dealing with a major snowfall all those kids sledding in the park can only mean one thing snow day schools across much of the Lower Mainland are closed today and while the

Snow means fun for some for others it makes for a tough commute roads in the region today are messy and visibility is bad snowfall warnings are in place for a large area of British Columbia that includes Vancouver and the Lower Mainland as well as most of Vancouver Island including

Victoria and we have plenty of coverage of this major snowstorm hitting British Columbia CBC News climate and science specialist Darius madavi is looking at the forecast and the snowfall totals he’ll join us in a moment with more on the snow and when it will finally stop but we’ll start with the cbc’s Lindsay

Duncomb who is out in the snow at of Vancouver Park that looks like a lot of fun Lindsay for a lot of kids there tell us about the impact the storm’s having well certainly it is a lot of fun for a lot of people I think if you look

At this amount of snow which is so rare for Vancouver it brings with it both unbridled joy and intense frustration I’ll start with the tough stuff on the frustration side anyone who is trying to get anywhere you know the roads as you mentioned are messy it’s had problems

For Transit the buses that the city is using right now are the shorter ones not the longer ones cuz the shorter ones are more agile that means fewer buses there might be some delays there the sky Train had to run overnight just to prevent the snow from accumulating on the tracks and

And also in the neighborhood of preventing snow from accumulating take a look at this video of the Alex Frasier Bridge those are people up there and what they’re doing Andrew is those technicians known as rapid assistance technicians are taking the snow off of those cables to prevent them from

Getting weighed down and this is heavy snow and the weighing down is something that is quite problematic particularly when it comes to power lines whether it be snow on the power lines or snow on trees then forcing them onto power lines there are thousands of people who are

Currently without power because of the fact that all of this snow is coming down so crews are working to restore that uh for people who are there so many people stayed home today it is a hot chocolate put your feet up or Zoom from home if that’s what you’re going to do

And lots of people chose to come out and enjoy it as well oh yeah I think I’d like to be there on one of those Tobin so what kind of impact Lindsay though is the snowstorm having well let me take you there Andrew let’s go look at what some of these

People are doing you know there is no school today um I think though when I was out here I’ve counted as many snow people as I have actual human people in this park I have been witness to a snowball fight I think there is a fort

Not far from there and there’s also a a small hill that the kids and adults have brought their Tobin out to enjoy that feeling of flying down a hill this is rare for Vancouver so a lot of people told us they were just excited to get

Get out and enjoy it here’s what one woman told us earlier today I love this weather everything’s clean everything’s bright everything’s fresh everything smells good it’s invigorating I love seeing the kidlets out playing on the hills and their parents standing there so bored watching them it’s like get out there get out

There so in true unique Vancouver style Andrew that woman wasn’t wearing a hat she was keeping her head dry with her umbrella umbrella and that wig so there you go everyone’s got their own gear in a place that isn’t necessarily used to snow and this isn’t going to last

Freezing rain is coming so it is a chance for folks to get out and enjoy it while it’s here and as beautiful as it is and I’m just looking behind you at the scene there you know all the the snow people that are being made this is

That kind of perfect snow right to be able to just make snow people we were just saying like the we were just saying Andrew uh my camera operator and I were just saying you know Vancouver snow is perfect snow person making snow I grew up on the Prairies where it was cold and

Turned into sand you couldn’t roll it up no no this you can pack and throw and build I’ve seen balls snow little kids rolling balls that are taller than they are yeah it’s something to see all right Lindsay enjoy it the CBC is Lindsay Dunc live in

Vancouver so la let’s ask the question many people in the region have been pondering when is this huge dump of snow going to end Darius madavi is standing by uh with that so what are forecasters saying Darius saying it’s going to be uh quite a bit of snow still to come now Andrew

We’ve already exceeded the amount of snow that we were expecting to get uh so even more than uh even the most ambitious models we’re saying we’re going to be dumped here in Vancouver we’re already beating that both by the water so at Vancouver airport we’re seeing uh a record-breaking actually

Amounts of snowfall we’ve seen 20 cm fall already that’s as of an hour ago I did make up a beautiful map poor microphone uh beautiful map for you Andrew of all those snowfall totals about an hour ago and they’re already outdated so I can’t show that to you now

But I can tell you uh the last the most amount of snow we’ve seen on this day fall in Vancouver the record was set way back in 1962 with around 14 cm of snow uh now at the airport we’ve already recorded 20 cm and that’s by the water so we’re we’re

Seeing much more than that Inland for parts of uh South Vancouver we’re seeing around uh 25 cm of snow already for parts of the valley over 30 cm and we’re still looking at around 5 to 10 more CM still to come for much of Vancouver uh

And that snow is really going to start to Peter off tonight into the evening time uh and then by tomorrow we might see another fresh dump and I will say I’m a little bit jealous of Lindsay getting to go out to the park uh but

That’s fine uh you can look at the radar imagery here of when that snow started late last night on the island and then moved into the Lower Mainland so bringing plenty of snow to Vancouver both uh by the water and at higher elevations and then if we look at our

Accumulation map again this is the forecast that we had last night rolling into today so this is how much we were expecting to get by today uh 17 cm we’ve already blown past that again with more to come and all through the valley and on the island as well we’re seeing uh

Even more snowfall than we were expecting so uh those Environment Canada warnings were well placed although we have even blown past the the high end of that warning uh so still uh going to be a busy commute on the way home I think as well Andrew thank Darius try and

Enjoy it uh the cbc’s climate and science specialist Darius madavi live in a very snowy Vancouver

Overnight snow has blanketed southwest B.C., resulting in school closures across the region and difficult travel conditions. Snowfall warnings are in effect for Vancouver, most of Vancouver Island, Victoria and the lower mainland.

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