Nygard and lawyer Brian Greenspan split in sex assault case

Nygard, lawyer Brian Greenspan part ways in sex assault case

Defense Lawyer Withdraws from Peter Nygard’s Case Before Sentencing

In a shocking turn of events, the defense lawyer representing Peter Nygard has withdrawn from the former fashion mogul’s ongoing criminal case, ahead of his sentencing. Brian Greenspan, the lawyer representing Nygard, told Justice Robert Goldstein on Wednesday morning that there has been an “irreconcilable” breakdown in their relationship. This unexpected announcement has left Nygard unrepresented for the time being, as the court waits for him to find new criminal counsel.

Reason for Withdrawal

Greenspan did not offer specific details regarding the breakdown of the relationship but stated that it could now be described as “adversarial.” He also clarified that the decision to withdraw was not due to unpaid fees, dispelling any rumors or speculations to the contrary.

Nygard’s Criminal Charges

Nygard was found guilty by a jury of four counts of sexual assault in November 2023, but was acquitted of a fifth count and a charge of forcible confinement. These charges stem from allegations dating back from the 1980s until the mid-2000s. With the sentencing date looming, the abrupt withdrawal of his defense lawyer raises questions about the implications for Nygard’s case and his legal representation moving forward.

Urgent Need for New Counsel

During the court appearance, Justice Goldstein stressed the urgency of Nygard finding new legal representation, emphasizing the seriousness and potential complications of the upcoming sentencing. The judge emphasized the importance of Nygard securing new criminal counsel as quickly as possible. Nygard, who appeared virtually due to his health condition, requested the permission to appear virtually again for his next appearance, which the judge consented to.

Looking Ahead

As the matter has been adjourned to January 30th, the situation regarding Nygard’s legal representation remains uncertain. The abrupt withdrawal of Greenspan from the case has left Nygard in a precarious position, adding another layer of complexity to an already high-profile and contentious legal battle.

The sudden development in Nygard’s case raises questions about the impact on his sentencing and the overall trajectory of the legal proceedings. As this high-stakes legal drama continues to unfold, the spotlight remains on Nygard and the search for new criminal counsel. The outcome of this pivotal decision could have far-reaching consequences for Nygard and the outcome of his case.



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