National Post writer launches campaign to become Conservative MP

National Post columnist announces bid to run as MP for Conservatives

“National Post columnist, Sabrina Maddeaux, recently gained attention after announcing her intention to seek nomination for the Conservative Party of Canada in the next election. This decision comes as no surprise given Maddeaux’s reputation and influence within the political arena, particularly among millennials.

Housing Affordability and Inflation Critic

One of Maddeaux’s key platforms surrounds the issue of housing affordability and inflation, which she has spoken out about frequently during her tenure at the National Post. In her announcement, she addressed her concerns about the rising cost of living and the impact it has had on her ability to own a home, an issue that resonates with many millennials who share similar sentiments.

Global Impact and Government’s Role

Maddeaux’s decision to enter the political arena is not only motivated by domestic concerns but also by a desire to see Canada play a more prominent role on the world stage. She advocates for a government with strong principles and moral clarity, emphasizing the need for Canada to take a more assertive stance in defending democracy and freedom, both at home and abroad. These sentiments reflect Maddeaux’s vision for Canada’s position in the global landscape.

A Personal Journey

She candidly expressed her dissatisfaction with the current government and its impact on her generation, positioning herself as a voice for those who have felt disillusioned by the current state of affairs. This personal connection serves to underscore her commitment to becoming an advocate for change, driven by her first-hand experiences as a member of the millennial generation.


Sabrina Maddeaux’s decision to join the Conservative Party of Canada serves as a testament to the desire for a more diverse representation in Canadian politics. Her blend of youth and experience positions her as a compelling candidate for the Conservative Party, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with many Canadians. Whether or not she secures the nomination and eventually secures a seat in the government, her decision to run has undoubtedly sparked conversations and debates about the future of Canadian politics among a demographic that has for too long felt overlooked and marginalized. Time will tell whether her candidacy is the catalyst for change that many have been waiting for.”



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