McKinsey dodges accountability for questionable Canadian contracts funded by taxpayers


Hi let’s wait together I want to ask about McKenzie and those huge contracts you guys got from the Canadian government after meeting with chrisa Freeland oh don’t run away don’t run away why don’t you want to talk about your contract with Canadian taxpayers I mean surely you believe in

Transparency See How They Run See How They Run that’s McKenzie you know Christie Freeland met with McKenzie here at the world NE economic Forum a few years ago and after that they got hundreds of millions of dollars in untendered contracts and basically what should be done by the public service in

Canada was given to Christy freeland’s friends here at the world economic Forum I put a question to him he sort of panicked and ran back inside I don’t blame him chrisan Freeland does the same thing in fact this McKenzie guy at least had the courtesy of not arresting me as

Chrisa Freeland arrested my colleague David men’s that’s what it’s like here at the world economic Forum in Davos they don’t like questions that are unscripted and McKenzie well they don’t like questions at all to see all our reports from Davos go to wfre and unlike the McKenzie guys

We don’t get any government money so if you can chip in to help crowdfund our travel here you can do so at the same website wfre

| ‘Last March, then-Defence Minister Anita Anand dismissed objections to McKinsey & Company receiving $116.8 million in taxpayer-funded contracts since 2015 — 10% of all its Canadian contracts.’
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