Man found dead on OC Transpo bus overnight in Ottawa


Good evening someone obviously missed something major after a passenger was found dead on a bus after it had completed its route cleaning crews found a passenger at about 1 this morning and paramedics could not revive him he was declared dead at the scene the discovery was made at the garage located at Salon

Belfast around 1:00 a.m. ctv’s Lea lck is here live with what we know Leah Patricia very little is known about this man who he was and why was he on the bus the union representing Transit workers say a maintenance crew member found him when the bus was about to go through the

Wash it was a disturbing Discovery for an OC Transpo employee a man discovered on a bus after it pulled into the garage on soron at 1: in the morning he wasn’t breathing it appears that someone potentially the bus driver initially missed the man when the bus was placed

Out of service it is policy for drivers to check the bus at the end of the route no it was an inactive bus the bus was brought back to the depot and uh the staff that runs the buses through countdown through the wash and fueling uh one of the staff members for

Maintenance found the individual on the bus OC Transpo says special constables were then called in saying CPR was performed until Ottawa paramedics arrived but the person did not have Vital Signs paramedics pronouncing him dead at the scene my condolences go out to the family and friends of that

Individual the garage had to be closed for several hours for an on-site police investigation OC Transpo says they had to shift bus parking and refueling to other garages but they said that bus service began as normal and on time this morning police declined an interview saying only the investigation is in its

Early stages adding they are waiting for an update from the coroner’s office luy transpose says they are saddened by this incident and thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the individual OC Transpo has launched an internal investigation but there are still some simple questions about this

Story how long had the man been there how did employees miss him and when did he die Graham all right cdv’s Le Rock live for us tonight thanks

Ottawa police are investigating after a man died on an OC Transpo bus at the St. Laurent garage on Wednesday.

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  1. Did the person overdose? They are constantly passed out on the buses. Some have knives, I don't know if they'll attack if woken up. This is Canada for the past few years. Thanks Federal and Provincial governments!


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