Global National: Jan. 17, 2024 | Heavy snowfall brings southwestern BC to a standstill


Southwestern BC brought to a snowy standstill this Wednesday night the winter white out the treacherous roads 20 20 stuck buses and the grounded flights a crisis in the cold we have in fact been at an over capacity the struggle to keep the unhoused safe and warm the information war in Israel and

Gaza there were LS yes but who killed them I’m not sure conflicting narratives as both sides try to influence public opinion and from the palace to the hospital the surgeries for two members of the royal family global national with Donna freezen good evening and thanks for joining us the winter season that seemed

A little late to arrive is now impossible to ignore millions of Canadians are under some form of winter weather warning tonight and BC’s South Coast has been blanketed with heavy snow the wheels were spinning on Hills across Metro Vancouver some commuters jumped into action to help their fellow

Drivers and all the snow is causing delays at Vancouver’s airport which says it was operating at 80% capacity today in central Canada extreme cold is the concern in parts of Southern Ontario windchill values are making it feel like minus 30 raising concerns about how the most vulnerable are coping as warming

Centers and shelter spaces quickly fill up we’ll have more on that in a moment but we begin tonight in BC where there’s a potential for snowfall records to be broken n Gara begins our coverage even for those most prepared I have a winter tire so it’s not it’s not

Bad driving here winter weather alerts blanketing Southern BC usually mean seeing SES like This I got Snow’s on tried turning and now I’m stuck is this winter tires just too icy yes too icy yeah as of the morning commute traffic was snarled on major routes across Metro Vancouver stay home if you can last year I got stuck for 13 hours that’s why this year I’m planning

To go in the bus but many of the Region’s buses are no match for these conditions my bus got delayed and then the one that came and got stuck so I couldn’t get to work I’m happy they canceled I’m on my way home right now hey that this bus driver borrowing a good

Samaritan’s shovel a tool this family is using hey for a snow day as schools and universities across the province’s South Coast closed saw a lot of cars on the ditch s me getting pulled out and I’m like no this isn’t worth it turned around came home and here I am spending

A snow day with the kids I right k Mak it a snow bad as the storm knocked out power to thousands of customers in the province’s southwest corner municipalities opened extra warming centers at Vancouver International Airport more than 30 morning flights were cancelled officials say the steady

Flow of heavy snow is keeping them on their toes just being able to keep up with the clearing of the snow and the ice from our runways some cities have closed access to the most treacherous roads as workers on the Region’s Bridges clear cables you got to if I fall be

Safe there’s always those who get around however they can and those who can’t help but to embrace the elements we instead of shoveling we just started rolling a ball and this is what came out of it especially as the province is advising people to just stay home if they can

With the threat of freezing rain overnight nugara Global News Vancouver on Vancouver Island nearly 20,000 people woke up without power this morning after the storm hit there Kylie Stanton is outside the BC legislature in Victoria Kylie yeah Donna I think most of us in Greater Victoria woke up thinking we may

Have missed the brunt of this storm there was really just a light dusting early on but things quickly changed the snow started to come down heavily prompting the majority of school districts across Vancouver Island to close and up on the malahat a Mountain Highway pass commercial vehicle chain up

Rules are being strictly enforced road crews worked through the night clearing the route trying to stay on top of the snowfall drive to the condition of the road be prepared um I would say that if you just give the plow trucks lots of room let them do their job they’ll let

You buy when they can and please don’t pass them on the right now as you can see the snow has stopped here in Victoria’s Inner Harbor but the temperatures are expected to hover around the freezing Mark so we will be keeping an eye on what’s to come Donna

Okay Kylie Stanton and Victoria thanks and with a wider look at conditions across BC and what’s forecast Global News meteorologist Christy Gordon joins me Christy what’s in store Donna this was really a substantial snowstorm across Southern BC particularly the South Coast Area the reason is it was

Two systems that combined one from the north that held in that Arctic carac crossa region combining with a Pacific system which brought in that moisture so at YVR we actually saw the second highest snowfall amounts for the month of January at 23 cm of snow but look at

Chilak 38 cm of snow and in areas like chilak we also saw windy conditions with GSS up to 60 km an hour so it was white out conditions there snow still possible through the latter part of the day but generally this will shift out overnight we’re keeping our eye on this next

System which is going to drive onshore bringing in the potential for more snow for Metro Vancouver a risk of freezing rain also although because of the delay there’s a chance it may transition to rain by the time it moves in keeping our fingers crossed in the meantime the

Biggest concern will be any of the Melt that we saw today will refreeze overnight it will be very icy tonight and tomorrow morning after what was a record-breaking mild December it is definitely feeling like winter as is the case across much of the country Donna back to you sure is Global News

Meteorologist Christy Gordon thank you after a mile December the mercury has plunged in Southern Ontario people in the Toronto area woke up to temperatures that felt close to-30 while some are enjoying the blast of Winter the cold is putting those who are vulnerable and unhoused at even more risk Mike Dray

Reports crisp sound of skate blades on Fresh ice is music to the ears of karuna valino bitter cold be damned I had to put on like three layers of everything because yeah I don’t do well in the cold but it’s the perfect time for skating winter despite its late start has made

Ottawa feel a bit more like Ottawa for the past week this feels more like normal Toronto however the cold snap has exposed a growing crisis with 11,000 people in its shelter system the city has faced massive pressure to keep everyone warm and safe we are not turning anyone away it’s City policy

That even when we’re at capacity the doors remain open the system may be bending but Toronto is determined to see that it doesn’t break as of this weekend this is the first time that we have in fact been at an over capacity from our Winter’s program point of view Wednesday

Was the coldest day of what has so far been the coldest week of winter but relief is on its way a lot of folks taking the the cold air had arrived it’s going to stay here for a while it certainly has lasted for a number of

Days in in parts of the country but it does look like an overall trend to back to milder than normal conditions again especially in Southern Ontario uh by uh early next week and that warm weather could last until the end of January ski Hills that look downright

Miserable just a few weeks ago have for the most part recovered but how long will that last and back in Ottawa the national capital commission reports it’s working diligently to prepare the r Canal for skaters after it remained closed last winter but doubt Rises with the temperature Mike trle Global News

Toronto who the same storm system hitting British Columbia is causing freezing rain in parts of Oregon and Washington State authorities there are warning people to stay off the roads more than 15,000 flights have been delayed or cancelled across the us over the past couple of days at least 14

Deaths are blamed on the cold the winter conditions stretch all the way to the south in Tennessee these boat shelters have collapsed under the weight of the snow the US has redesignated Yemen’s houthi Rebel group a terrorist organization a response to repeated attacks on commercial ships in the Red

Sea which the US says fit the the textbook definition of terrorism the US says the designation will impede funding to the houthis who were backed by Iran the houthis though say it will not stop their attacks aimed at forcing Israel to end its Siege of Gaza in Yemen University students displayed their

Anger carrying Palestinian flags and shouting anti-American slogans the US and UK backed by other countries including Canada have launched a wave of air strikes against dozens of houi Targets in Yemen Pakistan has recalled its ambassador to Iran a day after tan launched air strikes on Pakistan Iran’s foreign minister says drones and

Missiles targeted a militant group in Pakistan which he described as an Iranian terrorist group Pakistan has denounced the attack as an unprovoked violation of its airspace and warned there could be serious consequences two children were killed China has urged Iran and Pakistan to exercise restraint after the deadly strike people in

Southern Gaza say last night was one of the most intense bombardments since the start of Israel’s war on Hamas at least seven people were killed in Han Yunis ambulances rushed the injured to Nasser hospital as bombing and gunfire rang out across the city and Israeli tanks have approached the area

Overnight a shipment of medicine for dozens of hostages held by Hamas has now arrived in Gaza it’s unclear if the supplies have been distributed yet cter and France helped arrange the delivery of 50 5 metric tons of Aid in exchange for more humanitarian supplies for Palestinians it is the first deal brokered between

Israel and Hamas since November’s brief pause in fighting two Royals and two surgeries coming up the separate health condition sending Princess Kate and King Charles to the hospital we are learning more about the deadly stabbing of a woman outside a Calgary Elementary School police described what happened as domestic in

Nature the Killer is the woman’s estranged husband who was found dead nearby he had previously been charged with sexual assault as Tracy Nagi reports The Killing has left the community shaken and is highlighting the need for more resources and awareness of domestic violence flowers lay outside a

Calgary Elementary School a day after a mother was brutally murdered the victim of a domestic homicide this was a very traumatic event that occurred in a public Place investigators say officers were called to the area just before 8 Tuesday morning to find a woman dead the elementary school and a preschool were

Both put on lockdown as anxious parents arrived with little information well I got a phone call from her kindergarten teacher uh saying that there’s been an accident at school uh they’re closing and they need us to come and get the kids right away the suspect the woman’s

Estranged husband was found dead in a nearby park a short time later Global News has now learned a publication ban is an effect on the identity of the victim in relation to previous charges showing the man was charged with sexual assault in 2023 the man was also facing charges for

Violating a no contact order in September and again in November this is a family that was known to us this is a local family that police have responded to and had interactions with uh a number of times um so we’ll obviously be looking at all of uh our previous

Interactions uh to see um you know what uh what was done and what could have been done different if anything according to data from statistics Canada almost 8 in 10 victims of intimate partner violence are women and girls an intimate partner violence has been on the rise since 2014 the Alberta Council

Of women shelters shows domestic violence is at a decade high in Alberta between 2022 and 2023 more than 11,000 women and seniors were unable to find safe space at shelters due to a lack of space I believe it’s related to the complexity of the financial realities we’re dealing with in the community the

Aftermath of you know our health precautions and and the pandemic situation uh but we are seeing a trend that continues to go up the school reopened on Wednesday officials say a support team has been brought in to help students and staff Tres NY Global News Calgary the high-profile defense lawyer

Representing convicted sex offender Peter nyard has withdrawn from the case at a hearing in Toronto where a sentencing d for niggard was to be set lawyer Brian Greenspan told the judge he can no longer ethically and professionally fulfill his obligations he said there has been an irreconcilable breakdown in their professional

Relationship which he now characterizes as adversarial Greenspan made a similar application last week at a court in Winnipeg where niggard also faces sexual assault related charges the judge urged nyard to find a new lawyer quickly so sentencing can proceed the 82-year-old was found guilty of four counts of

Sexual assault in Toronto in in November there has been a rare disclosure of medical details from Britain’s royal family the palace says Kate Middleton Princess of Wales had planned abdominal surgery surgery yesterday and will be hospitalized for up to two weeks Kensington Palace says the surgery was successful but didn’t

Say what it was for a spokesperson later described the condition as non-cancerous she’s not expected to return to public duties until after Easter and Buckingham Palace has announced King Charles requires treatment for an enlarged prostate the 75-year-old will be admitted to hospital next week the palace usually keeps

Things like this secret but says the king wanted to share his diagnosis to encourage others who may have symptoms to get checked his public engagements will be postponed as he recovers war of words ahead how Hamas and Israel’s conflict goes beyond the Battlefield Israel’s Siege on Gaza and the surprise attack by Hamas on Southern Israel have been covered by media from around the world there has been both a flood of information and limits put on it both the Israeli government and Hamas are attempting to control the narrative and influence public opinion foreign

Journalists including Israelis cannot get into Gaza and so the news from there comes either from the few local journalists still able to function in Gaza or from the Israeli Army tonight Danielle hamam Jin looks at the information War in any War the truth is often a casualty with the borders sealed the Foreign

Press hasn’t been allowed into Gaza other than with the Israeli military and the images coming out are thanks to local journalists who have risked and lost their lives tells us he believes Israel wants to keep journalists away so they don’t cover what’s happening his family was killed in air

Strikes yet for all their sacrifice few Israelis across the border are exposed to the full scope of the war in Gaza I think it’s the most shameful moment of Israeli media ever Gideon Levy is a veteran Israeli journalist and safe to say disliked if not despised by many

Here but I was present in Israeli TV and today they called me and said at least until the end of the war we cannot have you because both the panelists and the viewers cannot sit with you cannot listen to you I don’t want to believes his country had the right to retaliate

After October 7th but crossed the line when he says women and children were killed in masses it’s really unheard of because an average Israeli so much less than an average Canadian about what’s going on on his behalf half 1 hour away from his home in Gaza that the world is seeing more

Suffering out of Gaza than its own Waring neighbor is for some entirely Justified it will raise a lot of question and the situation will be more questionable for the people who are serving right now in haa should we do this and should we not showing what’s happening in Gaza would be too divisive

Is what you’re saying at a time when there should be Unity yeah absolutely for those in the West Bank the plight of fellow Palestinians in Gaza is always there on screen and in conversation October 7th is already a distant memory and many believe the truth about that day has yet to come out

There is a reluctance here to speak honestly about this topic on camera mostly for security reasons but I asked a few of them what they thought about October 7th and the answer is always the same they refused to believe Hamas could ever kill women and children in fact it’s the majority of

Palestinians who think that according to a recent public opinion poll 85% of people in the West Bank in Gaza said they have not seen videos showing atrocities committed by Hamas on that day there were killings yes but who killed them I’m not sure for many the thinking here goes if

The Israeli government said it then it’s unlikely to be true Danielle hamam Jin Global News Jerusalem what’s down there next why Canadian researchers are establishing an underwater observatory in Antarctica some big news for Canadian basketball fans the Toronto Raptors are trading star player Pascal cakam the Raptors veteran from Cameroon is being sent to the Indiana Pacers as part of a trade deal he was the last remaining member of the roster that in 2019 won Toronto’s first NBA championship sakam

Is also a two-time NBA Allstar well across Canada and in the Arctic the University of Victoria operates a network of subsea stations to study the waters around this country and now it has a new underwater observatory in one of the most remote regions of the world the seafloor of Antarctica it’s a

Partnership with the Spanish Antarctic station Juan Carlos I on the south Shetland Islands in archipelago just off the continent Mike Armstrong explains what they’re hoping to find Spanish researchers weren’t supposed to deploy this Canadian underwater Observatory for weeks instead it was towed out and deployed on the seafloor Tuesday weeks early the Spanish

Team says when the weather cooperates it’s in Antarctica you take advantage of it you need to work with good weather so when we have a window of good conditions we always take these benefits the operation went off without a hitch within hours the device was beaming information back to Canada in fact

Before Canadian researchers were even looking for it all of the sensors are delivering data in almost real time Kate Moran is the head of ocean networks Canada it’s a research facility out of the University of Victoria now the onc has more than 12, th ocean sensors around Canada’s West Coast and the north

But is for the first time looking South Spain operates two facilities in Antarctica but only in the warmer months from December to March it wanted to monitor water and to do it year around when they saw that we were doing these kind of observations in the Arctic they

Wanted to see them done in the Antarctic as well the first part of the project installed was this device dropped into the water only about a kilometer from the Spanish station The Observatory is about 3 m tall and sits on the sea Flor at a depth of about

25 M it’s connected by a subseed cable to a boy on Shore about 200 M away that boy is then transmitting data by satellite every 30 minutes it’s really understanding the the actual characteristic of the ocean how much oxygen is the ocean what’s the temperature what’s the salinity what are

The nutrients the data is meant to help researchers monitor how climate change is affected Antarctica and hopefully lead to Solutions there is a second part of the project two Canadian floats that will monitor the surface of the water are set to be launched in a few weeks that will of course be weather

Permitting by Armstrong Global News and that is global national for this Wednesday I’m Donna freezen tonight’s your Canada is Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park British Columbia Picture Perfect scene we’d love to see your Canada please email it to viewers at global and thanks for watching hope to see you here again

Tomorrow Bye-bye

In tonight’s top story: While the rest of Canada is used to snow, southwestern British Columbia isn’t, and a serious dump of heavy, wet snow has brought that region to a standstill. Neetu Garcha reports on the headaches for drivers and air travellers in Metro Vancouver, Kylie Stanton reports from Victoria on the power outages affecting more than 20,000 people on Vancouver Island, and meteorologist Kristi Gordon explains what’s in the forecast.

Also, in southern Ontario, a cold snap is plunging temperatures — further jeopardizing the safety of vulnerable and unhoused people. Mike Drolet looks at how Toronto is trying to keep the less fortunate warm and safe, as temperatures drop and shelters become filled up.

And while Hamas and Israel’s violent conflict has been covered by media from around the world, both sides are attempting to control the narrative and influence the public opinion. Foreign journalists, including Israelis, cannot get into Gaza. Daniele Hamamdjian looks at the information war.

Back in Canada, the University of Victoria is expanding its research beyond Canadian waters, teaming up with Spanish researchers to deploy an underwater observatory in the Antarctic Ocean. Mike Armstrong explains what scientists are hoping to find in one of the world’s most remote regions.

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  2. All Palestinians should be given the option to move to Canadastan. Bring them all here. Canadastan is the second largest country in the world geographically with only 40 million people. Canadastan accepted hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and is only accepting 1000 Gazans, which is ridiculous. Bring all 2.3 million Gazans and 3 million residents of Judea/Samaria to Canadastan NOW! When they get here, I will move to Israel.

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    Antarctic underwater observatory discovers Gojira living under the ice.scientists at a loss to explain his reason for being there so far from home.. ?


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