Ford government failed to meet its housing targets in 2023


A global news exclusive the provincial government has made Building Homes one of its top priorities but new numbers show the Ford government failed to meet its own housing Target last year the province set a goal of 110,000 new housing starts for 2023 but data shows there were only about

86,000 that number actually marks a decline compared to the year before Queens Park bureau chief Colin Dello has more Colin Ontario’s Minister of Housing is expressing dis appointment in this construction data saying the province needs to do better but critics of the Ford government says it has the means to

Dramatically scale up the number of homes being built in this province but that the government isn’t relying on those tools it is a provincial preoccupation amid a housing Supply crisis but the Ford government seems to be falling behind on its own goal to build 1.5 million homes by 2031 the

Latest construction data shows Ontario did not meet last year’s Target set by Queens Park the goal 110,000 homes beginning construction the final tally just over 85,000 in part because of a sluggish economy with the economy being what it was and and high interest rates that Builders and developers have been saying

For some time that it’s simply uh not viable uh to build large quantities of housing in this economic environment but critics argue that the Ford government bears some of the blame while Ontario’s housing starts decreased by 7% in British Colombia housing construction actually increased by 11% if it was only

Economic factors you would not see other provinces increasing housing construction so the Ford government has to be held accountable the difference according to experts is BC decided to automatically approve fourplexes provincewide something that was recommended to the for government by the province’s own housing affordability task force in 2022 which 2 years later

The government is still implementing if the provincial government had implemented their own task force recommendations our numbers would be looking more like BCS that still wouldn’t be enough to to get us to the Target but it would be closer the Ford government says it has acted on 23

Recommendations from the task force 14 are still pending 2023 was also a tumultuous year in Ontario politics with the green belt Scandal some critics here at Queens Park say it is the Ford government’s own actions the green belt reversals in everything that came along with it that is also partially

Responsible for these low construction numbers suggesting that those decisions put a chill on the construction sector at Queens Park Colin Dello Global News

The Ford government failed to meet its own housing target in 2023, new figures reveal, putting the province further behind in its goal of building 1.5 million homes by 2031.

According to the latest data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), there were a total of 85,770 housing starts in the province in 2023.

The number represented a seven per cent drop from 91,885 the year before in 2022.

The data shows the government fell short of its goal of 110,000 new housing starts during the calendar year. The number of new home starts — just 78 per cent of that target — raises questions over how the Ford government plans to boost construction numbers in the years ahead.

Colin D’Mello has more.

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  1. lol that’s it. Blame ford. Immigration levels are insane but apparently that’s racist. If you’re struggling and you voted liberal or ndp then I’m quite happy.

  2. Listen people don’t fall for these videos. People needed to sell there homes and the banks are scared and if people stop buying houses the music stops and everything comes crashing down. Go check housing price stats everytime they are heading lower the ceo of a real estate company pops up to say house prices are gunna go up and the news comes out with a video of how bad the housing crisis is. They just tryna scare people into buying…


  3. Global News demonstrates its complete ignorance of the problem of affordable housing in Ontario. Where do they find their news writers and journalists? What is most needed is "social housing" (which is rent-geared to income) and "transitional housing" (getting people off the streets, out of shelters, hospitals, etc.). These are NOT MEASURED BY HOUSING STARTS! What Ford and many politicians pretend to do is promote "affordable housing" (which is simply 80% of the market rate). Cutting red tape (zoning bylaws and environmental protections) is an excuse for developers to build luxury homes for the wealthy at maximum profit. FIND SOME REAL JOURNALISTS WHO UNDERSTAND ONTARIO'S HOUSING CRISIS! These clowns don't!

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