Experience the National Ballet of Ukraine on tour in Canada

National Ballet of Ukraine touring Canada

“Ukrainian Ballet Troupe Performs in Canada to Raise Money and Awareness”

The National Ballet of Ukraine is currently on a tour across Canada, performing in 10 cities for a total of 22 shows. Their goal is to raise funds and bring awareness to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Natalia Matsak, principal dancer for the renowned ballet company, expressed the importance of preserving Ukrainian culture and sharing the emotions of the people.

Preserving Ukrainian Culture

One of the key motivations behind the tour is to preserve Ukrainian culture amidst the deliberate destruction of cultural sites by Russian forces in Ukraine. David Meffe, the head of development with HUMANITE Canada, emphasized the significance of the dancers’ efforts in showcasing their culture to Canadians and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

Performances and Fundraising

In Montreal, the 150-member troupe from the Taras Shevchenko Opera House is showcasing both classical ballet pieces and traditional Ukrainian dances. The tour not only aims to showcase Ukrainian artistic talent but also to raise money for non-profit organizations providing crisis relief and aid to refugees in Ukraine.

Impact of the Conflict

The devastating impact of the conflict on the people of Ukraine is deeply felt by the dancers of the National Ballet of Ukraine. Sergii Kryvokon, a principal dancer, lamented the fear and uncertainty that plagues their thoughts every day. Despite the hardships, the dancers remain grateful for the support and empathy shown by audiences in Canada.

Concluding Thoughts

The National Ballet of Ukraine’s tour in Canada serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people. It highlights the importance of preserving cultural heritage in the face of conflict and demonstrates the impact of art in raising awareness and support for humanitarian causes. As audiences witness the emotional performances, they are not only treated to world-class talent but also become part of a collective effort to support Ukraine in its time of need.



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