Toronto rally: 1,000 demand justice for Israeli hostages after 100 days in captivity

1,000 gather in Toronto to demand justice for Israeli hostages after 100 days of captivity

“100 Days of Hostage Crisis: A Rally in Toronto”

Gathering to raise awareness about the plight of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, a thousand people braved freezing temperatures at Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto on Sunday. The event, marking 100 days since the captives have been held, drew speakers and attendees from diverse backgrounds, echoing a collective call for justice and freedom.

Humanitarian Crisis, Not Just an Israeli Issue

Speakers at the rally, including Toronto area Liberal MP Marco Mendicino and Iranian prison survivor Salman Sima, emphasized the humanitarian dimension of the crisis. Maayan Shavit, a cousin of one of the hostages, described it as a “horror movie in theatres”, underscoring the universal appeal for compassion and justice. Shavit urged the crowd to recognize that this is not just an Israeli issue, but a global humanitarian crisis that demands urgent action.

The rally was spearheaded by Avi and Dean Attali, drawing attention to the suffering faced by the 136 remaining hostages in “Hamas hell”. The organizers aimed to be the voice for those who cannot speak out for themselves and to insist on their immediate release. The event brought together a diverse community in a message of remembrance and awareness, offering a glimmer of hope in a time of hardship.

Unprecedented Show of Solidarity

Among the speakers, Iranian activist Salman Sima shared his personal story, having been a political prisoner in Iran. He stressed the need for people to stand together against extremism, highlighting that this is not just an isolated fight but a common struggle for humanity. Warren Kinsella, an author and columnist, called for a united front against hate, emphasizing that when one of us is held hostage, all of us are held hostage.

The rally was also attended by members of parliament and noted community figures who condemned the horrifying violence and pledged to stand in solidarity with the hostages and their families. The event was inflected with strong messages of compassion, unity, and an unwavering call for action in the face of oppression.


The 100-day rally in Toronto stands as a resounding message of solidarity, hope, and unwavering support for the hostages held by Hamas. The event has succeeded in bringing together people from various walks of life and backgrounds, uniting them under a common cause for justice and freedom. As we reflect on the poignant stories shared at the rally, it serves as a compelling reminder of the global impact of such crises and the urgent need for humanitarian action. The call for justice for the hostages goes beyond religious or cultural lines, it’s about the shared values of compassion and dignity that bind us all together as humanity. As we continue to stand in solidarity, let us not forget the faces and stories of those affected and work towards a world free from such harrowing atrocities.



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