Toronto City Bans Tobogganing on 45 Hills: Is “No Fun City” Reputation Justified?

“No fun city,” City of Toronto bans tobogganing from 45 hills

“The debate over the banning of tobogganing in Toronto has sparked a heated controversy, pitting concerns over safety against the freedom to enjoy a beloved winter activity. With 45 hills across the city now off-limits for this winter pastime, residents and city officials are clashing over the decision.”

“Residents’ Outcry”

“Bradford, a city councillor and representative of Beaches-East York in Toronto, is among those leading the backlash against the tobogganing ban. He argued that residents are more than capable of assessing their own risk, and the ban only adds to the perception of Toronto as a “no fun city.” These sentiments have resonated with many Toronto residents, who cherish the tradition of tobogganing and feel that the ban is unnecessary and burdensome.”

“The City’s Response”

“On the other side of the debate, the city has cited safety concerns and liability as the reasons behind the widespread ban. The city released a list of approved tobogganing hills, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining the safety of these designated areas. This move highlights the city’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of its residents, even if it means imposing restrictions on popular activities like tobogganing.”

View Different Perspectives

“These contrasting perspectives reflect the complex nature of the issue. While residents are eager to defend their freedom to toboggan, the city must weigh the potential risks and liabilities associated with this winter activity. Striking a balance between preserving a long-standing tradition and ensuring the safety of residents is no easy feat.”


“The controversy surrounding the tobogganing ban in Toronto is a sobering reminder of the delicate balance between personal freedom and public safety. As we navigate the ongoing discourse on this issue, it is essential to consider where individual autonomy ends, and our shared responsibilities begin. Whether the ban on tobogganing is justified or excessive, it underscores the need for collaboration and understanding as we seek to create a safe and inclusive environment for all.”



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