Winnipeg casino employees rejoice with new Christmas settlements

Casino workers in Winnipeg celebrate Christmas with new settlements - Winnipeg

“Striking Casino Workers Get a Well-Deserved Settlement! Is it Really Fair?”

Casino workers in Winnipeg will have something extra to celebrate this Christmas season, as at least one new settlement has timely arrived. According to Unifor, almost 200 employees in the food and drink department approved an eight-year deal, marked by wage increases ranging from 16 to 40 percent, on top of a well-earned signing bonus. Meanwhile, another 750 Unifor members, who work as dealers, cashiers, and slot attendants at various casinos, are evaluating their own tentative agreement.

The issue of fair wages and equitable treatment have been at the forefront of ongoing negotiations affecting a diverse range of casino, gaming, and administrative workers in Winnipeg. Despite this progress, it’s important to weigh different perspectives and potential consequences as with all labor agreements.

Strikes and Unions
The union informed that its members have been without a collective agreement for 18 months, due to a significant stalemate in negotiations with wages only increasing by 1.75% over a period of six years. This situation led to members overwhelmingly voting in favor of a potential strike, setting a deadline of December 23 for an agreement to be reached. Whether such strikes are really necessary must be thought about from different angles.

An End to an Unjust Situation?
Upon the settlement, Lana Payne, Unifor’s national president, lauded her members’ resolve and skilled bargaining, noting that their demonstration to the employer is the kind of assertive stance essential for change. Despite this hard-fought victory, another round of negotiations early next year will take place between the province and administrative employees, shift supervisors, and gaming technicians who are represented by different unions such as CUPE, Teamsters, and IBEW.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the struggle for fair wages and workers’ rights is ongoing and multi-faceted. The recent settlements in Winnipeg represent an essential win for workers and their unions, but they’re also a reminder that these issues demand continued vigilance and advocacy. Because even while these workers celebrate their well-deserved victories, the fight for fair wages and treatment is far from over. It remains a compelling topic — one that will continue to require a balance of perspectives.



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