Why Detroit wants to buy Toronto’s now-defunct Scarborough RT trains for $1 million


Relics of the old Scaro Rapid Transit line or could they be another Transit agency’s treasure and headed to Detroit ctv’s Mike Walker standing by live with those details Mike well it’s right a Detroit’s rapid transit system uses the same technology as the Scaro RT and Transit officials in

The Motor City are looking to purchase about a dozen SRT cars to help extend the life of its aging Fleet sitting idle in a yard after being decommissioned earlier this year the Scarboro RT trains may get a new lease on life in Detroit for its people mover

Rapid transit system they have a smaller system sort of runs in a circle through downtown Detroit they thought there was value in being able to use some of our equipment for their purposes the People Mover in downtown Detroit uses the same technology as the RT most of that equipment is no longer manufactured

Detroit’s Transportation Corporation board has given the green light to negotiate an agreement with the TTC to purchase the Scarboro RT trains Plus parts and signals for $1 million us plus shipping it’s actually 10 to 12 Vehicles we’re looking to get so that’ll help us extend our Fleet out and have a more

Robust newer Fleet as your fleet was just certified and rebuilt a derailment in July forced the TTC to shutter the RT line ahead of schedule and replace it with shuttle buses until the Scaro Subway extension is complete while Detroit will make use of the assets the

TTC says the cost was simply too much to bring the SRT back online for us to continue running the SRT would require significant investment in the track system and as we saw in July uh you know there there are a number of bolts that were that were at issue we’d have to go

Through and and completely uh you know reexamine the entire SRT Network you know 15 km of the TTC plans on keeping some of the trains preserved at the hton rail Museum and for future use by the city terms of the agreement are still being finalized reporting live on Mike

Walker R back to you thank you Mike

Detroit is negotiating an agreement with the TTC to purchase 10 to 12 of its since-decommissioned Scarborough RT trains, plus other equipment and assets, for $1 million.

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  1. Why? Because they are worth more than that….And then coupled with the absolutely pathetically weak Canadian dollar…thats merely ~750,000$ USD. Its an absolute steal of a deal for Detroit


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