US$3.99 thrift store vase turns out to be rare Italian artwork


Another example of how one person’s trash is another person’s treasure take a look at this Jessica Vincent of Virginia had quite a find at a Goodwill shop she paid $3.99 for this vase turns out it was created by a renowned Italian glass company but crafted by famous Italian artist Carlos Carlo

Scarpa seemingly cheap phase sold an auction for a whopping 140,000 Canadian last week and she was tipped off because she had posted it online have a listen he knew who exactly what who and what it was and he said that is a Carlos Scarpa penal latte and they are extremely

Rare Sean and Bobby Sean start us off on this one I mean that’s a rare fine and uh I mean I don’t know if if you’ve ever found something that rare in a Goodwill uh look I I think the return on investment on that phasee is fantastic

Um I you know I I love my politics I love my sports and I Love My Reality TV and this is my Antique Road Show dream right here um this is like something right out of Storage Wars or something where uh you know somebody finds something and then sells it for 20 times

More I think it’s phenomenal it’s the reason you know I wish this happen to me I feel like you hear one of these stories every few years where somebody bought a picture from a garage sale for a dollar and it turned out to be hung in

The Vatican all those years ago um it’s funny because this was the story that we’re talking about but there was a similar story a few days ago uh about somebody who to bring it back to sneakers found a rare pair of spiky exclusive sneakers in a bin that are

Selling for I don’t want to get the numbers wrong but for a lot more than the person purchased it for um so I think these are great stories and one of the reasons why I love thrifting and and going for vintage fines maybe one day I’ll find a vase like that yeah no

Kidding Bobby what do you think can we please have more of these fantastic stories during the holidays and during challenging times yes I I love the positivity I love the idea of you know Goodwill Hunting and finding this amazing thing and having it all work out

For the best so all power T I mean it’s just a great a great story and you know have I done it I mean I found I’ve been to some of those stores but you know is something I’m gonna spend my time on probably not but props to all people who

Love treasure hunting that’s great yeah and now I feel like I got to go to Goodwill more often especially to make that kind of return investment uh

Jessica Vincent had just started surveying the shelves of a Virginia thrift store when a vase caught her eye. The piece looked old amongst the clutter of measuring cups, candles and other tchotchkes. After adjusting her eyes, Vincent made out the words ‘Murano’ and ‘Italia’.

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