UN vote on Gaza aid delayed as death toll reaches 20,000


Now to discuss the most recent developments as oral braa he’s an international relations and political science Professor with the University of Toronto good morning Professor nice to see you let’s begin with the UN the vote continues to be postponed how come what are the main sticking points there’s a hope that somehow there

Could be a consensus where what seems to be an intractable dilemma is solved uh Hamas has committed some of the worst atrocities uh ever uh and started this war and they are continuing to use civilians as human Shields and they have promised that they would repeat the same

Atrocities again and again the same power so how do you get to some kind of truce where you bring in more humanitarian aid but the same time you do not allow Hamas to reconstitute itself to continue the war let’s not forget that today dozens of rockets were

Fired from Gaza at Israel that hundreds of thousands of people in in Israel had to basically seek shelter because of continuing rocket fire and this is what the world has to face so it is not just a matter of virtue signaling the loss of innocent civilian life in war is always

A terrible tragedy but how does one come to uh end a conflict in a way that it doesn’t reconstitute new conflicts and new loss of life Hamas says it won’t release any more hostages unless there is a full stop to the war um if you are trying to negotiate with Hamas and let’s

Be honest right now there are no real talks meaningful talks taking place how do you position yourself against hamas’s stance right now this is what makes it very so very difficult because we know that Hamas has not kept its word on any ceasefire there was a ceasefire on October 6th broken by

Hamas on October 7th uh with the results we are all aware of we know that when there was this temporary troops Hamas again violated it we know what their intent is and as long as Hamas stays in power it’s not likely that there will be a resolution this is why Anthony blinkin

The American Secretary of State said and he said the two two allies that you cannot have a situation where you demand that the victim of aggression that is Israel has to do certain things abide by certain rules but you do not also impose that on the aggressor the consensus has

Been that Hamas has to be removed from power and unless that is done uh and they’re not going to leave voluntarily uh it is difficult to see how this conflict can end and this is why we see this continuation and it is terrible and people are suffering but

Hamas does not seem to care about their own their own people they are firing Rockets from areas that were declared safe and they have used schools and mosques and and hospitals uh to position uh their weapons there there’s ample evidence that has been provided uh to journalists uh to intelligence services

That this has been the case and so this is the Dilemma that is being faced and this is why it’s so difficult to find a resolution to this uh to this conflict and no one has a magical solution we could pretend that somehow this can all

Go away but we know from fighting Isis we know from fighting terrorist organizations uh like this Al-Qaeda that this is a terrible terrible conflict and that it goes for a long time and uh we have to therefore go back to the basics and ask ourselves who’s ultimately

Responsible for all this right and and and blinn’s point um to summarize was that there needs to be more calling out of Hamas do you think orl is as you um lay out how long this could go on that in the meantime Hamas is gaining more

Legitimacy well uh this is what we don’t know in a conflict because whenever there is a conflict then there is anagist there is the fog of war and uh we also get word that more and more people in Gaza are beginning to blame Hamas but in the West Bank because

Prisons have been released that can increase their popularity so it is a very difficult situation for which no one has a resolution key and so uh this kind of notion that you know if you fight them they become more popular but if you don’t fight them they become more

Powerful they continue to kill kill people and so what was done in the case of Isis in mosul it took sadly something like nine months to liberate mosul from the Isis Terror and there was uh uh a huge loss of life which was uh certainly

The fault of of Isis and this is what also needs to be understood this is not to say that Israel should not be as careful as possible in trying to save civilian lives this is not to say that uh there should be no search for to try to minimize civilian casualties this is

Not to say that they should not be moving to a different phase at some point where there would be more low intensity conflict all of those are perfectly valid points but this kind of notion uh that we had with the general assembly where there was a vote uh which

Had no impact uh but it basically did not even mention Hamas uh it assigned no responsibility it demanded no real obligations except sort of a throwaway line about hostages that is not likely to lead to a resolution right and this is why I suggested this is at the moment a an

Intractable dilemma well we’ll see uh what today’s vote produces um after the delay yesterday at the UN oral braa thank you so much Professor Braun is an international relations and political science Professor with the University of Toronto

International Relations Professor at the University of Toronto Ariel Braun discusses the delay of the UN vote on Gaza humanitarian aid.

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  1. Whenever the numbers of those killed in Gaza are released, they also include the number of Terrorists that have been taken out. Even then, odds are the numbers listed are probably way higher than the actual body count.
    Hamas Mathematics 101 at its best.


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