Trudeau, Olivia Chow make major housing announcement in Toronto | LIVE


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make a housing announcement in Toronto, alongside Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow and a handful of Canadian ministers.

The announcement comes a day after policymakers at the Bank of Canada expressed fears that a resurgence in the Canadian housing market could keep inflation elevated if the central bank moves to cut interest rates too quickly.

Earlier this month, the federal government announced it would revive a Second World War-era housing plan to help ignite the pace of home construction in Canada. The program, which was run by what was at the time known as Wartime Housing Ltd., provided standardized housing blueprints to builders.

Housing Minister Sean Fraser said the government would begin consultations on the matter in January, with the goal to have them available next year.

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  1. Toronto is over packed already theres simply no room for new housing especally with their over a million new immigrants in 2022 alone Canada simply doesnt have the land in liveable areas here unless they ship them to the north and teach them how to build igloos or log cabins Even then they would have to learn to hunt and grow food as theres no roads or infrastructure up north When the bathtub is full you turn off the taps …..unless your a liberal

  2. Look at him desperately hanging onto power ??trying to save himself for what’s to come this as all other announcements was a JOKE! Won’t even put a slight dent in the large mess

  3. Why does Toronto need money to change stupid policy? Cities on the Prairies did this a decade ago without provincial funding. Also notice a couple ideas from the conservatives but no doubt will cost more to implement by these Socialists.

  4. Put him in jail where he belongs, he seals your money and gives it to anyone but you this is just old talking points he never delivered on and neve will. Taking talking points form the Constatives who have a plan to do the same things affordably with out taking your money but cutting government waisted spending. Jail for JT RCMP DO YOUR JOB


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