Trudeau: Israel-Hamas conflict ceasefire must be fair to both sides – National

An Israel-Hamas conflict ceasefire ‘can’t be one-sided:’ Trudeau - National

In discussions over the Israel-Hamas conflict, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed Canada’s support for a ceasefire. Despite this stance, he made it clear that his country’s position on Israel has not changed. According to Trudeau, Canada has consistently called for humanitarian pauses and is now part of the global movement urging for work toward a ceasefire. However, Trudeau emphasized the need for a ceasefire agreement that is not one-sided, respects Israel’s right to self-defense, and requires Hamas to disarm, release hostages, and not use civilians as shields.

The Reason for Canada’s Support of Ceasefire
While appearing in an interview with Global News Ottawa bureau chief Mercedes Stephenson, Trudeau reiterated that Canada’s stance has remained unchanged from the start of the conflict. He stated that it is essential to adhere to international law, calling for a ceasefire. He pointed out the humanitarian crisis and reiterated Canada’s commitment to shifting their approach to address the evolving catastrophe over the past few weeks. Trudeau’s position on this issue reflects a balanced approach that aims to protect civilian lives despite the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Israel’s Response to Calls for Ceasefire
However, Canada’s support for a ceasefire has been met with disapproval from Israel’s ambassador to Canada, who expressed disappointment in Canada joining the call for a ceasefire. The ambassador argued that such a move weakens Israel’s position, emboldens terrorists, and isolates Israel politically. On the ground, the conflict has so far led to the deaths of thousands of people and the displacement of tens of thousands in Gaza. Israel also reported numerous casualties resulting from Hamas attacks.

Canada’s Stance and Conditions for a Ceasefire
Despite the opposition, Trudeau defended Canada’s support for the ceasefire, reinforcing the idea that Canada’s position has not shifted. He asserted that Canada’s initial stance of upholding Israel’s right to self-defense and safeguarding human lives aligns with the need to pursue a ceasefire. Trudeau emphasized the loss of innocent lives and the necessity of ensuring that a ceasefire respects humanitarian law. He highlighted the requirement to secure the release of hostages, deliver humanitarian aid, and transition towards a governance structure in Gaza that does not involve Hamas. He made it clear that Canada is resolute in its conditions when working towards a ceasefire.

A Compelling Call for Reflection
Understanding the broader context of the Israel-Hamas conflict and considering the complexities involved, it is important to acknowledge the perspectives of various parties involved. The approach taken by Canada, as espoused by Prime Minister Trudeau, demonstrates a delicate balance of advocating for a ceasefire while emphasizing the protection of civilian lives. By evaluating and recognizing different viewpoints, a deeper understanding of the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict can emerge, contributing to meaningful discussions to achieve lasting peace and stability in the region.



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