Pro-Hamas demonstrators target the constituency office of Ya’ara Saks


So the other day pramas demonstrators targeted the constituency office of yaras sa Pop Quiz who do you have more contempt for for starters as protests go it was a bust only about 20 Pro Hamas demonstrators including children were demonstrating outside the constituency office of saxs the liberal MP for the

Toronto writing of York Center it was a somewhat mystifying event after all the demonstrators were calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza but prime minister blackface had already backstabbed Israel earlier this month at the United Nations when he called for drum roll please cease fire in Gaza I understand how so many people

Across this country are grieving are angry are are you know worried at about this unfolding humanitarian catastrophe that is why as a government we’re continuing to call for immediate humanitarian pauses to be able to flow in Aid to get people out to safety uh to start uh doing everything we can to

Protect civilian life these are things that we’re continuing for and that’s why we’re also working with our International Partners towards an urgent ceasefire we know that is important but that ceasefire can’t be one-sided Hamas needs to lay down its arms Hamas needs to free all the hostages they have right now Hamas needs

To stop using civilians as human Shields and Hamas cannot have any future role in the governance of Gaza on top of that we’re going to continue as Canada always has to stand for a two-state solution and to work to towards it we cannot see peace and stability and opportunity in the region

Until we have Israelis living in a secure Jewish State and Palestinians living their aspirations of a protected safe secure prosperous Palestinian state recognized under International borders this is what we are working on we need that two-state solution and everything Canada is doing is towards that oh well

Never mind may as well rant for the hell of it I suppose in any event I did get to interview one demonstrator while I didn’t agree with his perspective I’ll give him prompts for at least engaging in a civil discussion with me here check it out didn’t the the Prime Minister say

He’s in support of a ceasefire more than a week ago at the United Nations yeah but this MP still is writing post about how she’s disappointed with that news and she still supports non Seas fire so that’s why we’re here protesting she wants to make it look

Like this all started October 7 when we all know it isn’t but put that aside when you’re seeing kids getting bombed every single day and let’s every country has a right to defend itself fine I feel like by now they’ve not only gotten a legitimate response to what

Happened on October 7 but to make up for the next 10 years of any atrocity of the same thing regardless when you’re not on the right side of history and you’re still supporting something going on like this it’s important to be called out and it’s important to all this additional

Stuff about beheaded babies and rape and this and this all that was added to fuel the tensions for war I’m not denying October 7 happened 1,200 people did die a lot of that were soldiers but there was no beheaded babies there was no rape the only solution was we have to have a

Military government to protect us because that’s the only thing that’s going to seem to get us out of this concentration camp and out of this oppression so you do not consider Hamas to be a terrorist group I have not seen anything that would deem them as a terrorist group even from what happened

On October 7th sir October 7 was an atrocity but if we’re going to even say in a conversation that Hamas is terrorist because of October 7 then we have to say the IDF are the mothers of terrorism what would you like to see happen as of right now the only thing I

Want to see happen is a ceasefire there’s too many innocent people dying there’s way too many children and babies dying the first thing is ceasefire by the way here’s another thing how does one feel Sympathy for the likes of Yara sax after all she is perhaps most famous

Or would that be Infamous for an astonishing quote she made last year when she actually inferred that the patriots who took part in the Ottawa Freedom Convoy were Nazis evidently honking a vehicle horn twice is an acronym her descriptor by the way for H Hitler how many donors from the

Capital riots it’s 1100 in counting who have donated to these illegal blockades how many guns need to be seized how much vitriol do we have to see of Hong hongk which is an acronym for hail Hitler this is proof positive postive that sax is surely the dumbest liberal in

Caucus and that’s saying something given that doov Supreme Sheamus Oran is part of that very same caucus after all a Sonic Blast from a horn is most definitely not an acronym of any kind but the Crux of the matter is this since Thanksgiving Day we have seen brutal rhetoric proposed at pramas

Demonstrations including calls for genocide oh and lots of horn honking too I might add so where is sax and where are her fellow liberals when it comes to you know having protesters arrested and put in solitary confinement and freezing bank accounts of supporters all of which shamefully occurred last year in Ottawa

With members of the freedom Convoy and their supporters nope nothing to here folks and how’s this for perverse irony somehow sax is the Minister of mental health and addictions and Associate minister of Health that’s right someone who apparently needs some serious couch time with a psychiatrist is the Minister

Of health and addictions gee to paraphrase that old adage Minister heal thyself in the meantime when it comes to picking sides when it comes to Pro Hamas demonstrators or MP yacs the tagline for the 2004 flick Aliens versus Predator Springs to mind namely whoever wins we

Lose folks are you as Disturbed as we are in terms of the rhetoric in the streets of Western cities regarding the Middle East conflict well please put your name to our newest petition which is Canada stands withth that’s Canada stands withth

As David Menzies explains, about 20 pro-Hamas demonstrators (including children) staged a demonstration recently outside the constituency office of Ya’ara Saks, the Liberal MP for the Toronto riding of York Centre.

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