New Poll Shows Majority of Canadians Not Prioritizing Pharmacare Plan

Majority of Canadians don’t think pharmacare plan should be a priority: poll

“Should Pharmacare be Canada’s Top Health Priority?

When it comes to healthcare, what should be the government’s top priority? According to a recent survey, most Canadians believe that pharmacare should not be at the top of the list. Instead, issues like long surgical wait times and expanding long-term care homes should take precedence.

The survey further revealed that only 18% of respondents thought that creating a new, universal single-payer drug plan should be a priority. In contrast, 36% mentioned that reducing surgical wait times and expanding mental health services were more pressing concerns. The survey also found that over half of the respondents were unaware of the potential pharmacare plan in the first place.

Government negotiations over the national drug plan have been challenging, with the Liberals and the NDP struggling to come to an agreement. While the NDP is pushing for a universal, single-payer system, the Liberal Minister of Health has raised concerns about the financial implications of such a plan.

Despite the survey results, a significant number of Canadians are in favor of a plan that offers coverage to those who don’t already have it through their employers, seniors, and low-income individuals. Even among Conservative voters, there is not strong opposition to the idea.

If the Liberals and the NDP can overcome their differences, implementing a pharmacare bill would still not be immediate. It remains uncertain as to when such a plan would be put into action.

This survey sheds light on the complexities surrounding the pharmacare debate. How should the government balance the necessity of accessible healthcare with the financial realities? This is a question that continues to challenge policymakers and may ultimately determine the future of healthcare in Canada.



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