Meet the Five Canadians selected for 2024-25 ITF Committees and Commissions

Five Canadians appointed to 2024-25 ITF Committees and Commissions

“Canadian Tennis Leaders Appointed to ITF Committees and Commissions”

Five Canadian leaders in the tennis community have been appointed to the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) 2024-25 Committees and Commissions, marking a significant global recognition. These appointments demonstrate the impactful contributions of Canadians to the sport on a worldwide scale. With over 230 representatives from 68 different countries appointed to assist the ITF across key areas of tennis, Canada’s presence is prominent and influential.

Empowering Female Voices in Tennis Governance

One groundbreaking development in the 2024-25 appointments is the record 35% representation of women, marking a 7.4% increase from the previous cycle. This progress is particularly exemplified by the reappointment of Jennifer Bishop, former Chair of the Board of Tennis Canada, to the ITF’s Davis Cup Committee. Her dedication to the sport has positioned her as the second woman in history to serve on the committee, setting an inspiring example for women leaders in tennis governance.

Commitment to Progress and Innovation

Tennis Canada’s Chair of the Board, Peter Kruyt, emphasized the importance of Canada’s involvement in international tennis governance, linking it to the nation’s recent triumphs in global tennis competitions. The strategic presence of Canadian voices within the governing body of tennis reflects the country’s commitment to progress and innovation in the sport. By contributing to the ITF Committees and Commissions, Tennis Canada seeks to deepen its impact on the global tennis landscape and foster collaboration with other national associations.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Tennis Governance

As the ITF President David Haggerty highlighted, the 2024-25 term is crucial for advancing the ITF2024+4 strategic priorities and driving an increase in tennis participation worldwide. The volunteer members of the committees play a vital role in bringing their expertise and resources to achieve these ambitious goals. With Canada’s representation on these committees and taskforces, the nation is poised to contribute significantly to enhancing governance, promoting tennis participation, and advancing the sport’s core pillars on a global scale.

In conclusion, the international recognition of Canadian tennis leaders on the ITF Committees and Commissions is a testament to the country’s growing influence and impact within the tennis community. The appointments of Canadian representatives, especially the increased presence of women leaders, elevate the nation’s role in shaping the future of global tennis governance. As Canada continues to make remarkable strides in the sport, its commitment to contributing to the ITF’s strategic priorities serves as a compelling example for other nations to facilitate an inclusive and innovative approach to advancing tennis worldwide.”



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