Liberal Party joins in denouncing Hamas after leader praises Canada’s stance on ceasefire, reports Winnipeg Free Press

Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas

“The Liberals’ Stance on Hamas: A Call for Surrender”

The recent praise from Hamas towards Ottawa for calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip has put the spotlight on the Canadian government’s stance on the militant group. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has emphasized the need for Hamas to surrender to Israel, stating that the group can no longer have a role in governing Gaza or in creating a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel.

Hamas released a video message from one of its top officials, Ghazi Hamad, expressing gratitude to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for urging Israel to end its bombardment of Gaza. However, the video failed to acknowledge the statement’s demand for Hamas to surrender, release all hostages, and stop using Palestinians as human shields.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has criticized the failure to hold Hamas accountable and highlighted Ottawa’s classification of the group as a terrorist organization. Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly also condemned Hamas’s attack on Israel in a statement released on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

With conflicting perspectives on the situation, it’s crucial to consider the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the impact of advocating for the surrender of a militant group. The Canadian government’s stance has sparked debate and raised questions about the effectiveness of such a position in achieving lasting peace in the region.

As the international community continues to navigate the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict, the call for Hamas to surrender presents a thought-provoking perspective on addressing the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip. The praise from Hamas and the Canadian government’s response serve as a reminder of the challenges in finding a resolution to the longstanding conflict and the necessity of engaging with different perspectives to work towards a sustainable peace in the region.



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