Justin Trudeau ‘just loves’ the carbon tax, it is ‘his baby’ | Kris Sims


Well the world is on fire in so many ways there’s the war between Israel and Hamas there’s a war between Russia and Ukraine I see news today that Xi Jinping has told Joe Biden just said to him that he plans to conquer Taiwan by any means necessary and that’s just Foreign

Affairs and War of course the real concern for most Canadians Americans Brits and many others around the West is inflation and it’s due to some of the same reasons in all the jurisdictions I just mentioned the government printing money by the hundreds of billion or trillions of dollars basically shutting

Down the economy during the lockdowns and then juicing it with fake money well of course that’s going to mean inflation takes rout and then add to it carbon taxes and you heard them when I talked to here at buildin’s nitrogen taxes they’re taxing the elements in the

Periodical table as if a chemical if you tax a chemical the world will change so all of these things High housing prices High grocery prices high gas prices it’s tough to get ahead I see that the average person in can in Canada won’t even get into a house till they’re

Almost 40 how do you start a family I say all this because the world is on fire and what’s the last thing we need well let me read to you a headline from our friends at the taxpayers Federation I’m sorry to do this to you folks

Because it’ll put you in a tail spin of depression the headline is simply more federal tax hikes in 2024 are you serious serious is a heart attack and joining us now to talk about it is our friend Chris Sims the Alberta director of the Canadian taxpayers Federation

Chris good to see you again although you bring with us bad news I should have known but according to your calculations taxes on Canadians are going up by thousands of dollars in the New Year tell me the details yeah unfortunately uh we’re the bear of

Bad news we wish we weren’t so the big one let’s start with the big one Ezra is of course the carbon tax this is prime minister Justin Trudeau’s baby and he just loves it it’s a mandatory minimum carbon tax it’s applied now across the country including in The Maritime

Provinces which caused a bit of a dust up a few weeks ago and he’s cranking it up so as of right now if you went outside and filled up your vehicle with gasoline it would cost you4 cents extra per liter just in the carbon tax he’s

Going to crank that up to 17 cents per liter now even if you don’t drive I guarantee everybody watching eats and uses things so trucks bring all of our groceries and all of our supplies and trucks those big rigs they run on diesel the carbon tax on diesel is going up to

21 cents per liter so this is really eye watering if you’re filling up a couple of of those tanks on a big rig truck it’s about $160 $170 extra just in this carbon tax yeah yeah and that’s where the inflation comes from you can’t say you’re fighting inflation when you’re printing money

Like a madman and then jacking up a tax on literally everything I was I’m looking at your press release here you know you just talked about the carbon tax which is atrocious they have one called the alcohol escalator tax and I for a second I thought that mean you can’t if you

Take a beer on an escalator you know they’ll charge you extra but it’s even worse than that tell me about this alcohol escalator tax what what’s that all about yeah it sounded like one of those Antiquated laws where you know you can’t trade a penny on a moving train or something

No it just means it goes up automatically which is a real kick in the teeth because this means that members of parliament don’t need to have the guts to kind of show up to the House of Commons maybe on Zoom maybe not and vote to increase your alcohol taxes no

It’s locked in it goes up and up and up every single year and it’s supposed to be by the rate of inflation and so the rate of inflation is terrible right now a lot of folks may not realize this but if you purchase beer around 50% 5 Z half

Of that is taxes if you’re drinking a glass of wine or a box of wine hopefully with a friend uh that’s around 75% taxes right and if you’re using liquor like Spirits like whiskey and vodka it’s already 80% taxes yeah it’s really eye-watering and unfortunately our taxes on alcohol are automatically

Going up again next year that’s 100 million bucks a year right there according to your release and there’s one more tax and and it’s the worst because it’s it is literally a tax on jobs and that’s the payroll taxes what’s up for that those are the things that

Are deducted from your employer and from your paycheck every every month you you know what I remember when I graduated from University and I was this right-wing guy in class and I would always argue with my other students and the first time the first time I bumped into my classmates after we all

Graduated and worked they were just shocked because they thought they were going to be making this salary here that they had negotiated but they looked at their paycheck and they were getting this salary here they had never they had never stepped outside the bubble of unreality and it was amazing and it all

It took was two weeks to turn these uh socialists that I had sparred with in University into uh fire breathing capitalist just because they felt robbed well that’s going up again and forget you and and those were you those were baby lawyers so don’t have too much

Sympathy for them but these CPP and EI taxes that’s that’s on everyone that is on Blue Collar jobs that’s on service jobs that is I mean maybe we shouldn’t spare any sympathy for lawyers they can afford it but this is on everybody isn’t it yeah that is it’s not just on the

Workers themselves as you pointed out it’s on the employers it’s on the job creators you know this is you know Iran’s nightmare where they’re just increasing payroll taxes for the punishment of what employing people being productive and so this is usually referred to as CPP but they are payroll

Taxes uh some bureaucrats try to jump up and down and say it’s not a tax well right on the government of Canada website they’re listed as payroll taxes and you can’t opt out of them and the government forces them on you so sorry that’s attacks that’s unfortunately

Going up as well and this is weird there’s a special new secondary CPP and it’s kind of strange and they’ve got this weird formula Ezra and it’s only affecting people who earn between like $68,000 and $72,000 we don’t yet know why this weird window this weird bubble bracket is

Existing for this new CPP point2 but it’s there for next year so it’s definitely something we’re investigating at the end of the day you’re going to have more coming off of your paycheck in payroll taxes in 2024

| Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Kris Sims, Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.
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  1. What i don't understand is why does it matter that the liberals are a minority government if things like these taxes keep going up? Can't the opposition do anything? What's the use of even having an opposition.

  2. I remember playing sim city as a kid… as i was terrible at building a functioning city, i would jack up the taxes to fund my risky spending before just wiping the failed city out with an asteroid… ?


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