Is winter coming to Canada despite warm December temperatures?

Canada's December has been warm, but will winter eventually show up?

“Get ready for a winter that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. In British Columbia, below-normal precipitation and snowfall are on the horizon, with more sunshine than typical winter weather. This means ski slopes could face challenges with alpine rain events. Meanwhile, the Prairies are expected to see mild Pacific air dominating the pattern, resulting in above-normal temperatures and below-normal snow totals. And in Eastern Canada, winter weather may make a belated return, with the possibility of a colder January than December.

Pacific Air Overshadowing Winter

In British Columbia and the Prairies, the dominance of mild Pacific air is set to disrupt the typical winter weather pattern. The result will be less snowfall, more sunshine, and above-normal temperatures. This could spell trouble for ski slopes in British Columbia and lead to a lackluster ski season in the Prairies.

Eastern Canada’s Waiting Game

Eastern Canada may experience a slower start to winter, with signs of early winter weather followed by a return to more typical conditions later in the season. January is expected to be colder than December, but unlocking the full potential of winter may take time and several cold fronts.


Get your winter gear ready because this season is shaping up to be anything but ordinary. While Pacific air is set to dominate in British Columbia and the Prairies, Eastern Canada may experience a delayed but chillier winter than usual. Whether you’re a fan of snowy days or prefer a milder season, this winter will be one for the books.”



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