Holiday travel rush begins: What measures are airports taking? | Travel tips


The holiday travel Rush is back US airlines are bracing for the busiest travel day of the Season today nearly 50,000 planes are expected to take off carrying about 2.8 million passengers US airlines are trying to forget last year’s meltdown which saw thousands of flights delayed and cancelled the

Holiday travel period runs from today until January the 2nd carriers expect 39 million passengers to fly that is up 16% from last year with me now is Barry Choy he’s a travel expert Barry good morning to you so it’s not just the airports I think that want to forget about last

Year it’s also Travelers as well what can we expect this year if we are traveling you know I think the good thing right now especially for Canadians is we’ve got better weather and by better weather I mean no snow because last year like let’s be realistic I

Think it was like a storm in Vancouver which we had not seen in in a decade uh Eastern Canada Northern us also had huge snowstorms so that was the main culprit to be perfect honest and I think there was just a a surge in demand like you

Mentioned for people to come back to travel and it’s funny because the stats you had just quoted it just shows that people are still traveling people are still excited they’re ready to go but in general people are more informed so I think they’re better prepared yeah and I

Think we’re either at or above 2019 levels of travel uh for this year 2023 so after last year’s fiasco the airports and many of them said that they were taking in um new measures they were taking on new measures new procedures to deal with whatever may come their way

Could you talk a little bit more about what airports are doing to be prepared in case winter does return with a Vengeance so I think the biggest things is that they can control it Staffing levels we’ve seen a huge increase in staff mainly for baggage CES more than

Anything else what I’ve also noticed recently flying out of Toronto Pearson National airport is there’s just better signage so people who were arriving to airports who may have not traveled since the pandemic started are understanding what needs to be done and what I mean by that

Is you know using the selfs serf kios uh checking in your bag on your dropping off your bag on your own so there’s just fewer steps to get involved to get you through the airport unfortunately as far as weather is concerned if there’s a giant snowstorm again right now I’m not

A meteorologist there’s nothing predicted uh that ruins everyone’s plans but I think a lot of people are also being smarter they’re paying attention to what they can pack how taking back and remembering that you know there’s only a certain amount of liquids you can bring in your carry-on luggage yes and

Folks that includes the snow globe we’re always told about packing the snow globe we need to learn that Lesson by now and don’t wrap your gifts if you’re going through security so what is your advice Barry uh for people getting ready to fly this holiday period you know first thing

I would do is think about the airport that you’re flying out of so a lot of the major airports in Canada Toronto van Calgary uh they’ve got mobile apps where you can bypass the security line in certain airports where there’s US Customs pre-clearance there’s the MPC app which essentially allows you to

Reserve a line for Customs that will help you speed up the process and you know just be smart you know a lot of the airlines they clearly State how long you should arrive at the airport so when the airline says you should be arriving two or three hours in advance there’s

Probably a reason for that uh it’s a different world now even after the pandemic uh you can’t show up the airport 30 minutes before think you’re going to clear Custom Security and get on that flight it’s just not going to happen Barry thank you so much happy Holidays to you

Travel expert Barry Choi on the different measures airports are taking to make the process easier for travellers.

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