Ezra Levant travels to meet Vivek Ramaswamy in Iowa!


Oh hi everybody as lant here as you can see I’m in O’Hare airport it’s a hub for United Airlines one of the busiest airports in the world actually I’m on my way to Iowa there was no easy way to get there we’re getting a car here we’re

Going to drive a couple hours into Iowa I’ve never been to Iowa before but you know as well as I do it is a very important place in the presidential primaries it’s where the Republican party right now is vetting its candidates Donald Trump has a large lead

Of polls are to believe be believed and Ronda Santos is falling back a bit Nicki Haley is gaining as is Vivic ramama swamy he’s an interesting spark plug in these debates in the fact you could say he’s sort of trump likee in fact he says he’s supportive of Donald Trump he has

Been taking it to the other candidates in brutal ways using Trump’s signature nicknames here’s an example of some of that that’s the choice we face do you want a leader from a different generation who’s going to put this country first or do you want di Cheney

And 3in heels Cas we’ve got two of them on stage anyways there I was in our office finding my own business and Bing I get a direct message on Twitter and it’s Vivic ramaswamy himself he just reached out to me directly through Twitter and said hey I’m having an event

At a large truck stop we’re going to talk about those Canadian truckers come on down I said well can I get a few minutes with for a one-on-one with you he said sure we’ll try and make that work so we’re doing it we just landed in

Chicago we’re going to grab a car now and drive into Iowa wish me luck I’ve never interviewed a US presidential primary candidate before it’ll be fun especially since the subject matter is truckers and freedom two of my favorite things for all my reports go to Rebel field reports.com

| Ezra Levant received a direct message on Twitter from Vivek Ramaswamy himself. He was extending an invitation to an event at a large truck stop to discuss Canadian truckers.
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