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Hastings Prince Edward Public Health holiday hours - Kingston

“Here’s How Hastings Prince Edward Public Health Will Continue Operating Over the Holidays”
When the holidays roll around each year, most people tend to put the public health agency on the back burner. However, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH) is letting everyone know that they will continue providing priority services throughout the holiday season.

Priority Services for Health and Safety
HPEPH has outlined the following services that will remain available throughout the holidays. Public Health Nurses are ready to provide assistance whenever the HPEPH offices are open. Individuals reporting non-medical emergencies, disease outbreaks, and health care providers dealing with diseases of public health significance can receive after-hours assistance as well. In addition, those needing sexual health and harm reduction services, as well as information on safer drug use supplies, also have access to assistance.

Office Closures for the Holidays
As the holiday season commences, it’s important to note that certain offices will be closed at specific times. These include the Belleville and Picton offices, Bancroft office, and Trenton office. To avoid inconvenience, individuals served by these public health office locations need to plan accordingly.

Protecting Public Health During the Holidays
Despite the holidays, the HPEPH urges everyone to take precautions to stop the spread of germs, such as getting vaccinated and avoiding holiday parties if feeling unwell. Those in crowded indoor spaces are advised to consider wearing a mask and recover from illness at home. The HPEPH stresses the importance of protecting health care services and encouraging the public to limit the spread of illness for the well-being of all.

With everything going on this holiday season, it’s easy to forget about the ongoing services provided by public health agencies. HPEPH’s commitment to remaining operational during the holidays and ensuring the health and safety of the public cannot be overlooked. Let’s reciprocate this commitment by making responsible decisions for the welfare of ourselves and others during these festive times.



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